Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011,


I wish you a merry Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas! I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Can you believe that Christmas is on Sunday? That seems really incredible. The time has definitely flown that is for sure. But this is definitely a very merry Christmas and I have grown to love my Savior and celebrate his birth a lot more in this holiday season. We have spent our time offering Christmas DVDs, giving Christmas lessons, Christmas caroling and invite people to come unto Christ. I love it. =)  This last week has been really good, but also a really good chance to learn and to grow. Merry Christmas!

We were able to teach someone named Steven with his member friend, Dan. My word, I learned so much about teaching and being bold. One statement stood out a lot to me. Steven told us that he didn't feel like he could go to our church because he needed to go to his own service so he would just explore on his own and Dan looked at him and said "I'm sorry but you are wrong. You need to go to our church to really find out if it’s true." I've just been learning a lot about boldness these last couple of months, because if you're a weak sauce missionary then people are never going to change, make changes to make their lives more in harmony with the Savior and come unto Christ. It's so amazing. I know that these ordinances that we are inviting people to are powerful and that this is the only way for them to truly celebrate and know Christ. It is so powerful to be bold. =)

We had very many cool experiences this week. One of them was really draining spiritually, but we ran into a woman at the Temple who served a mission in Argentina and then went inactive because of things that were happening in her life. She came to the Temple, really kind of messed up in her mind, saying that the church was completely a different church, and she just kept talking. At one point I just said "I sustain the living prophet, I know that he is called of God and I will follow him and his teachings" the Spirit came and she was just silent. She just looked at me, and then said “thank you.” That might have been the only good part of that conversation. But the rest of the Temple was great. I love being there on Temple grounds with the lights and with all these people who are drawn to the Temple, members and non members alike who just want to feel the Spirit.

The best part of the week by far though was that Anna got her Patriarchal blessing. One of the members from the Pacific Beach ward gave us a ride - right in time for her to go back to China on Thursday. The day before she just kept saying she was struggling not knowing what to do between work and school and she came out of the blessing saying she knows now what she needs to do and that she will be an influence and a missionary to many. It's so amazing. The Spirit was so strong and I feel blessed and lucky to have been and continue to be part of her life. She also got her ecclesiastical endorsement done so she can apply to BYU. *fingers crossed* =)

It’s so crazy that it’s Christmas already! It is so weird being in a singles ward because everyone is leaving. I'm not even kidding! We used to have to scramble and parallel park (which I can do now o_o!!) and now we can just park anywhere we want. It’s so sad. But now we'll be able to focus on the people who are staying around for Christmas who need a little bit of extra love so that will be great. I feel really blessed to be the Lord’s angel in that way.

We met the coolest guy asking if we could share a Christmas message. =) His name is Mark and he said he'd get baptized if he knows it's true, but he's leaving for Los Angeles. While teaching him though I realized how often I now say the words "cool, sweet, awesome" It’s embarrassing. Life is just so great! But I need to broaden my vocabulary.

I have just come to know so much this week how blessed I am, how real my testimony in the Gospel is and how lucky I am to have it.  This Gospel changes lives.  The Temple is a real place of comfort. I am really grateful for this mission opportunity that I have. This opportunity I have to teach these children in San Diego, to bring them closer to God and to share my love and my testimony with them. There is nothing else I would rather be doing. My mission means everything to me and I know it will continue to for the rest of my life. The Gospel is what it’s about. Christ and his Atonement are what are important. Teaching the Gospel is so fun. I will teach it for the rest of my life to whoever will listen to me.

The best gift we can give this year is our wills to the Lord, our trust and our faith, and then we will see miracles.

I love you all so much! Have an amazing Christmas and give each other lots of hugs and love! Oh and decorate a ballin' tree!




<Sister Tardiff>

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Good Morning!!

This week was a miracle! It’s like Thanksgiving ends and suddenly everyone remembers Jesus Christ again and how much He has done for the world. Last night we went caroling and it was amazing! People opened their door to us when we sang to them when they would never do it normally and we got some solid potential investigators from it. =) One potential investigator's name is Swagat. He was so nice. He loved the caroling and said he'd watch the free Christmas DVD. Hopefully we'll be meeting him again on Thursday and sharing a Christmas message with him. The Christmas season is going to bring miracles. I have no doubts about it.

The real miracle is that we were able to add a lot of investigators. We added 5 new investigators. That's the most I've ever added as a Battalion Sister. It was a real miracle. The Lord knew that we were doing the best we could and rewarded us. The people we added are pretty awesome too. One of them is from India. The San Diego Battalion is the most international mission ever! Yep! I'm pretty sure it is. It’s just been a really incredible week. I know that we experience hard times because the Lord wants us to appreciate the good times even more. He is such a blessing to us. Yesterday, I got to use some of the Spanish I've picked up as well. Woohoo! In the past few weeks we've "put on the backburner" a lot of people we were meeting with and we've focused primarily on finding less actives and on getting the members more involved. But this last week we prayed with all of our faith for referrals. When we pray for specific things, we definitely get specific answers. The Lord has blessed us a lot with referrals and some of those referrals have turned into people who are investigating that we can meet with, most of them after finals though. Finals are this week which means that there is a finals breakfast every single day. We're trying to get non members to go like Swagat and a girl named Lisa. We get to go tomorrow. =) After finals everyone will be free! A Christmas/birthday present to me!

Max and a kid named Yoda came to church on Sunday. Ha-ha. They are both super funny. Yoda came with his friend Makani, and they came to the Battalion yesterday and we're meeting with them again tonight. They are just... funny. It’s the best way to describe them. Makani is less active but is forced to go to church because he's living with his aunt and Yoda is not a member. They are exploring ALL religions; reading the Quran and the Torah and the Hindu script. It’s impressive. Our goal is to get them to read the Book of Mormon. But the reason they are so funny is because they want to be Yak's. I'm not even kidding. They want to have a Yak farm. I think that was the single funniest lesson I've ever been in. It was great; spiritual, but also hilarious.

I did get to see most of the Christmas devotional! It was great. The movie clips they showed were awesome.

I got to go on exchanges again with Sister Burden! We're meant to be companions forever, I'm pretty sure, because in every single group (the Battalion is equivalent to a district), we've been together. So we've gotten to go on exchanges a lot, and it’s a party. It’s cool to see how much she has grown and how we can still learn and grow from each other. The mission is the best experience ever. I would never change it for the world. I've become so much more aware of how precious every person on this earth is, how miracles truly happen every day, and how faith brings specific responses.

This work is real, it’s true, and it truly brings happiness. I'm so blessed to be part of it here in San Diego.

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful week!!


Sister Tardiff

Monday, December 5, 2011

Temple Lights

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hey Everyone!

How was Thanksgiving? I got SOO full. I thought I was going to pop the buttons on my pioneer dress. Which is so cool, right? I got to eat Thanksgiving dinner dressed like a protestant pioneer. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity right there and I got to do it! =) Seriously, we were so taken care of on Thanksgiving. The senior institute couple, the Barnes, fed all the "orphans" and they cooked this magnificent meal with turkey and ham (SO good) and yams and real potatoes and we went and ate with them and some stragglers in the ward, and then literally like 30 minutes later we were changed into our pioneer dresses eating Thanksgiving part two put on by the senior couples at the Battalion. My goodness, I literally thought I was going to explode and then I got to go take tours. Ha-ha, it was like lugging around a load of bricks in my stomach but it was so good! Since there were so many leftovers, I've had Thanksgiving dinner every day from Thursday to Sunday. It was pretty awesome! People love missionaries and they love Thanksgiving.

The Barnes are leaving this Friday as they complete their mission. We are so grateful for them and their service towards the ward members and us.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful lead into the Christmas season. We start by being thankful for all the many blessings we receive and we then get to remember all that Christ did for us. I'm so excited to be on the mission during this Christmas season. I know that there will be miracles, because just like during the black out, hearts will be softened and we have so many tools that we can use to introduce people to the church - including the temple lights that we helped put up! It is so cool, yesterday we drove by the Temple since it’s in our area and half of the lights were on. It’s going to be so pretty, and now for the rest of my life I'm going to be attached to that one tree that I helped decorate, ha-ha.

We had some miracles this last week. We've been praying for referrals, asking for referrals, and doing all we can to find people to teach. The Lord certainly answers prayers. In the last couple of days we've received 7 referrals and now we have the opportunity and blessing to be able to contact them - people who have had contact with missionaries before and actually want what we are giving them. We also were able to find people who are interested, ask intelligent questions, and will read the Book of Mormon. It’s funny because I'm like 10 months into my mission and I feel like I'm finally becoming effective. It might have been a long time coming, but I'm so grateful that I've been able to see the progress and the tools that I was able to use so I can progress and help other people to come unto Christ.

Derek is one of those miracles. He lives at a formers house so we just contacted into him and he is just a really awesome guy. We were talking about repentance and guilt vs. godly sorrow and he looked at me and he said "that sounds right, that feels right" It was a really amazing experience. He'll read the Book of Mormon. He has a 13 year old son and he's a bit too old for the singles ward so we're going to teach him one more time and then pass him off to the 10th ward elders. Max is another one of those people who is just fun to teach. We're praying he'll come to church on Sunday.

Some things I've learned in my Gospel study and with the lesson we had with Hugh is just about how much Heavenly Father loves us and wants to bless us. In Mosiah it talks about how even if we served God with all our heart, might, mind, and strength we would still be unprofitable servants. But he wants to bless us anyway, not because we deserve it but because he loves us and so we should never feel unworthy for blessings. Heavenly Father will bless us with those things that he chooses. Always we should know that we are loved.

Krystin is also leaving the ward and going home to find a job. We'll miss her but she went to church last Sunday! Woohoo! Even though she claims she's bored ha-ha. As she gets involved in the ward in LA she'll be a lot happier. She has a testimony of the Gospel and she knows she has to follow God. She'll be awesome there.

That's pretty much it in my life. One of the coolest things I've discovered for my birthday this year is that I'll be a palindrome for the first time in 11 years! It will last for a whole year! It's so awesome. =) I just love palindromes.

Funny story:  We have district meeting every week, and the zone leaders are late, a lot. So we decided to try an experiment to make district meeting half an hour later at 11. So we were sitting, waiting for the zone leaders and at about 11:20 they walk in. Elder Peck the district leaders says "we'll we've just learned it doesn't matter what time district meeting is, it will still start twenty minutes late." Ha-ha, so we moved district meeting back to 10:30. Heh. Good times. We've also started playing a game called Book of Mormon baseball. So funny. I'll play it with you all when I get back. =) So get practicing!

Anyway! I hope you all have a fantastic week! You are all incredible and I love you so much! =) You are in my prayers!


Sister Tardiff

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving!! I hope you have a marvelous time on turkey day with your family and friends.

This last week was great! A really cool part of it was that I got to shake hands with Elder Nelson of the 12 Apostles because he came to the Battalion. It really demonstrated the principle that sacrifice brings forth blessings. Elder Nelson came in the middle of a shift change at the Battalion so the Missionary Sisters who were in the process of guiding a tour had to be relieved. There was only one tour in process and I was the one to relieve them. While I was guiding the tour, I was praying for the tour, for charity, and for peace of mind because I was so sad that I was going to miss seeing and getting to shake Elder Nelson's hand. When I finished the tour, Sister Stallings (a Senior Sister) grabbed me, asked if I'd gotten to see Elder Nelson, and then pushed me towards where he was. So I did get to shake his hands, and because I had to wait until he finished his tour, to meet him, I got to take a picture with him as well!

We also had zone conference today. Zone conference was so good! I have so much respect for my Mission President, President Clayton, and his leaders in the mission. The zone leaders took about an hour to talk to us and they talked about following the Spirit and relying on the Spirit to do all things. It’s so true that with the Spirit we can do all things, but when we're prideful and try to do things our own way the work does not progress at the rate that it should. The Spirit is just so important in everything. Every time President Clayton talks he talks with the Spirit. I love watching him, especially when he listens to other people speak because you can tell that he's going heavenward and listening with the Spirit. I have a lot to learn from his example. I also got a candy bar because we've cleaned our bathroom, vacuumed the floor, did our dishes in the last 24 hours and made my bed. Woot! I'm getting all grown up, ha-ha.

We almost got dropped, then almost dropped again, and then ended up keeping Torino as an investigator. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. But he still wants to learn and he's willing to keep commitments and progress now. So we are most grateful for that.

We had a miracle yesterday. We knew that this week was going to require miracles and a lot of prayers because we are at the Battalion every single night this week, and nights are the most productive times for finding and teaching people in our area. Also, it’s Thanksgiving, so most of our singles ward members are away at home, but the Lord gave us a miracle. My companion and I were just walking down the street to contact a less active and as we were walking I saw a man that I wanted to give a Mormon Battalion card to, and then I thought to myself "This is ridiculous. Why am I not inviting him to hear more about Christ?" So I did. He listened, took the Book of Mormon, has a return appointment on Saturday, and kept looking at his little baby son, Anthony, with the hope that he can be with his family forever. It was incredible. We're passing him off to the Elders in the family ward, but I know running into him was a tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father.

I am just so grateful to be a missionary. I'm grateful for this opportunity I have to share the Gospel with others, to teach and testify that families can be together forever. This mission has been the best experience on my entire life. I'm grateful for the Atonement and the knowledge and experience that I have so that I know and can testify that the Savior never leaves us alone, that he is willing to forgive us of any sin, no matter how big or small it is, when we confess and forsake it. I am grateful for you, and for your examples and love. I am grateful that I grew up the way I did with the experiences that I have had. I'm grateful for miracles.

I am just so filled with thanks for this Thanksgiving season. I hope you all are too. Keep looking for the tender mercies of the Lord.

I love you so much!

Keep smiling, keep going. You are the best. =)


Sister Steph

Monday, November 21, 2011

"Pass it on"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hey Everyone!

We had two members bring friends to church last week! Miracle.

So! The exciting news from this week is that Anna got baptized! Woohoo! But my goodness, it was a lot more stressful then it had to be, in a really hilarious way. We couldn't get a hold of Anna and we were planning on having her come early, explain more, give her more prep for the baptism and she slept in! So she was AWOL for like 3 hours. That's where faith comes in, right? Ha-ha.  She woke up about 10 minutes before her baptism and everyone was so worried about it, that we had to drive to her house. We had set almost everything up before everything got so stressful but we couldn't do the finishing touches. She showed up when her baptism was supposed to begin and we forgot to bring her a towel O_O hahaha. It’s so funny to look back on it, and embarrassing, but mostly funny. The sad part is that we didn't get any pictures with her in her white clothes. But really the most important thing is that she did get baptized and she has the Gift of the Holy Ghost and everything, everything is in God's hand. My favorite part of the experience was her receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost. That part went perfectly. The Spirit was so strong, she was so prepared, so worthy and so ready for it. In her blessing it promised her that she would be OK in China and be a blessing to the people. She already is a blessing to the people there. She shares passages from the Book of Mormon with them and she is a gift to everyone that knows her. I really hope she goes to BYU for grad school.

Funny Story: Other than that, which really was the best part of the week, yesterday was another stressful day of hilarity. An investigator (who isn't even our investigator, or in our ward boundaries) wanted to come to our wards "Thanksgiving feast" since most of the people in the ward will be going home for Thanksgiving. But unfortunately his member friend told him the wrong time (an hour early) and the wrong address. So he called us, and told us that we had put him in "a hard situation" and expected us to fix it. Hahahaha. I think my face was turning red like dads when he's frustrated. We couldn't give him a ride, had NO idea where he was, and don't ride the buses in that area. *laughs* But sacrifice brings forth blessings. When we got to the place where he said he was, he wasn't there. However, it put us right next to a less actives house that we have wanted to visit which was way out of the way. We had a really neat lesson with him. His name is Yorbi. He's a special kid. I hope he ends up coming to institute and to church. He's ready, ready to repent, and start over.

Also, not really too important, but the Thanksgiving meal was incredible. =) My favorite part was obviously the mashed potatoes, stuffing and cranberry sauce. I'm pretty sure the cranberries were from Massachusetts. =)

This last week we worked a LOT with the members. It’s our goal to individually talk to every single member and commit them to do missionary work in some shape or form. It’s been so fun. I love meeting them and seeing how awesome they are, becoming friends with them, and showing how they can best show their love for there friends by sharing the Gospel with them and letting their friends see that what brings them stability and happiness is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I feel so lucky to be in this ward. It’s been incredible to hear each of their testimonies and to testify to them as well.

OH! This seems like so long ago! BUT! Obviously I'm still in the La Jolla singles ward AND! Dun, dun, dun, dun! My companion is still Sister Steven's! I get to keep a companion for at least two transfers again! Hurray!! We were so excited! We have our own separate transfer meeting for the Battalion and the new missionaries take a tour while we sisters hear about transfer. They pick two sisters every transfer meeting to give that tour, and those sisters are the ones that are staying together. Well we were just innocently sitting in the transfer meeting, convinced that Sister Stevens was going to go back to Spanish speaking when out of the blue we were told WE would be the ones giving the tour! Best feeling ever! We were grinning from ear to ear. Almost all of the other sisters got changed. Only two or three companionships stayed the same out of the 11 from last transfer and we dropped a companionship. Life is crazy. Life is good. =)

Anyway that's a little snap shot from my week. OH! No, wait! There’s one more thing. We added a former investigator named Collin. Holy cow, he's another one of those investigators who is ready even though he doesn't know it. He plays the guitar better than anyone I've ever met in my life, seriously. A member who is fellowshipping him had us over to dinner with Collin and his family and he told Collin to get out his guitar and play something for us; so crazy, so good.

My spirits are high! I love this work and I love my Heavenly Father.

Have an awesome, possum week!


Sister Tardiff

Monday, November 14, 2011

My 7th Transfer

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


OK... crazy news of the week; It’s my 7th transfer starting tomorrow! WHAT? The people who have been here for my entire mission at the Battalion site are now gone. We waved goodbye to them as the bus came to drop them off at the airport. It’s really insane how fast the time has flown, and to be perfectly honest I had a nightmare about going home last night. I love you all dearly, but it’s a wonderful thing that I have so much time left.

This last week I would consider it being a week of refiner’s fire so to speak. We were doing everything we could to find people by working with members and meeting with people, but it was like going up against a brick wall. I'll be honest, I was a little bit frustrated, but it’s a good thing that I have Sister Stevens as a companion because she just has so much faith amidst everything and I love her so much for it. It was really incredible too, because when we talked about it, I was able to change my attitude from frustration to faith and endurance. Then miracles started to happen. I've learned a lot about personal attitude in this last week; about how faith and optimism are so incredibly important. I love a song “Walking in Sunshine” from the EFY CD “Courage to Stand Strong.” One of the lines says "Some times we forget how blessed we are. But it’s better when we remember, when we remember" It’s so true! I am so grateful for ALL the blessings that Heavenly Father has given me, and I am especially grateful for this last week because I've learned a lot about myself, and my weaknesses and just how very blessed I am. I just love this work so much! I'm grateful for the people and for the lessons and for church, and fasting. I'm just grateful for everything. I'd never trade it for the world. =D

This morning for companion study, since we're going to be at the Battalion after pday today, we decided to do the whole Battalion story. We were a little rusty because we haven't been there in four days but it was so funny. =) This Battalion and its story are going to be part of me for the rest of my life, and that is something that I am truly grateful for. They did so much because of their faith in Jesus Christ and their love for their Prophet, Brigham Young. I'm excited to give a tour again after four days. =) Bring it on world!

I've had some really good conversations with Sisters recently about the Atonement. The general consensus I've come down to is that we try to be as perfect as we possibly can - and then the rest - that's what the Atonement is for isn't it?

Some awesome things that happened this week: We got to meet with Will again. I swear he's just like Eric! It’s so fun to talk to him and teach him and help him understand what the Gospel is and how it can help him. He also went to the CES Fireside with us with Boyd K. Packer as the speaker and I think that was really good for him and for everyone else who got to watch it. Repentance is such a deep topic.  I'm learning more and more about it every single day.  We also got to teach someone named Maurisio. He's so cool. He has dred locks and everything and he has a deep connection with God and appreciates everything that he learns about God and our message. Also, Anna is just a gem as usual. She told us about how the Book of Mormon answers her questions and her friend’s questions and that she knows it’s from God and then she turned to me and said "Is that what a testimony is? Do I have a testimony?" I just love her so much and I'm so excited for her! It will be a great day indeed when she gets baptized.

My testimony of the Gospel is deepening each and every day. I love studying in the Book of Mormon and studying about Jesus Christ. I know this Gospel is true. I know it with all my heart and I know the Spirit can testify of it to each and every one of us. The Spirit is just a small taste of what Heaven will be like and I'm so grateful for it.

For this Thanksgiving season I want to say five things I'm grateful for every week and I'd love if you would do that too. =)

1) Being able to share the Gospel with others each and every day
2) My family
3) 7 - Eleven hot chocolate
4) Maps
5) Sister Stevens

Well... transfers are tomorrow, so for all we know life could be completely different next week. I'll keep you updated! I'm excited! I know the Lord’s hand is in this work, and everything definitely happens for a reason.

I am so happy! I'm so grateful to be here and I just know that I am having the perfect mission experience for me. Every step along the way is there because it’s exactly how it needs to be done. The Lord is just so perfect, and such a loving Heavenly Father in each of our lives. Sometimes He brings us low, but it’s only so he can lift us higher.

I love you all! Happy November 8th!


Sister Tardiff

Start of a new day

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


That's so sad that Halloween got cancelled in New England because of the Nor’easter. Also it’s hard to believe that snow is happening right now... because... well... we definitely don't have snow here. Hey. I feel like my blood has warmed up or something because when it gets below 65 I’m FREEZING. I'm not even kidding, shivering and everything. I've become a wimp! I’m sure you're all laughing at me right now, but I am very content here in the 70 degree weather.  =) Did a lot of the trees get blown down? Last I heard the leaves haven't fallen off so I imagine with the snow it probably caused a lot of havoc.

But Halloween here was super fun! At the Battalion since we were all required to be in early at 5:30 and were required to be on shift at the Battalion, we still ended up having a Halloween party. I'm going to send a picture because about six of us used the kazoos that you sent mom, and played "How firm a foundation" hahaha. It was so fun. The Halloween package was a great success! Everyone was so grateful and so happy! The favorite was definitely the Kazoo's and the slap bracelets. =D They say thank you so much, just as I do as well. =) I also gave some of it to ward members and our investigators.

Speaking of investigators, at church it was so cute. People came up to Anna asking if she was visiting and she would respond "Yes, I'm visiting, but I'm getting baptized!" She's so excited! She reminds me of the people in the Book of Mormon who found the Gospel and just want it so much. Also, she finished the Book of Mormon last night. I think she might be my favorite person I've met on the mission. She's just so special.

Other than Anna, this week was decent. One of the other investigators, who I just love a lot, is named Melissa! She has so much real intent, but she also has a lot of questions. That's really what makes the difference in people. When people truly have intent and want to know that it’s true, that's when it makes all the difference, just like that promise in Moroni, if you ask with real intent. I'm excited to be learning from all these people, and to be teaching. I'm excited to keep teaching her.

We are still trying everything and anything to find people to teach. Singles wards are so different from family wards and it’s been a wonderful challenge to really learn how to rely on the ward for help. We've been able to find and teach people who are prepared to hear the Gospel, but we know there is always room for more ideas in finding these people. I just love being with people in this area. I love teaching people my age. It’s been an amazing 5 weeks!

I hope you are all having an awesome week as well! Enjoy the snow!

Well! Sure love you!


Sister Tardiff

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Have you read the ensign/new era article "Do the Math?" It’s about this rock solid Aaronic priesthood holder who ends up (basically) converting 26 people because he was sick of being the only active Aaronic priesthood holder in his ward. I can't remember if I got that from you Dad, or not, but if you haven't read it, please do. It’s really inspiring. =) Also, I'm really excited for the fast that the ward is doing. That always brings miracles! Didn't they fast before the Perez family and bring in the Marcantano family? That is sweet! I want to suggest that to the ward missionary in my ward. I think that would bring great miracles if it was implemented. =D

How many missionaries are in our ward now, 2, or 2 sharing with Weston 2nd?

I am excited to hear that you'll all be home for Thanksgiving! That will be so fun! Have a fantastic Priscilla Steak and could you possibly send me some!?... I just realized that here in the singles ward most of the singles are going to be home with their families... so we'll just have to find and teach the people who are staying! I'm becoming an investigator/spy here in the La Jolla Singles ward.

So this week was incredible! Well... it might have been a little frustrating at the beginning... but it ended really well! =D We got in contact with Tyler and Jenna (remember those people I met at the funeral with the Elliot’s?) Well I was on exchanges with Sister Burden (We were COMPANIONS AGAIN for the day! Happy day!) and they are in her area so we went and talked to them and they invited us back! It just worked out perfectly! Actually that day was a miracle day because we also contacted a referral, his name is Tin and we invited him to be baptized! Also... we might or might not have gotten into a locked gated community... the things I'm learning on my mission. =) I just know from the bottom of my heart that the Lord’s hand really is in everything. He knew many reasons why I needed to be in San Diego, and I've figured out some of them, but I'm sure some I will never ever know... and that actually just makes it a ton more exciting. =D

So, I'm sure you're all wondering about La Jolla singles though right? Enough about exchanges and the UC 1st!  It has been challenging to figure out how the Singles area works and what strategies do and don’t work. I know the key lies in the members and we've finally figured out at least a little bit to get into their homes and talk to them. Woohoo! It only took 4 weeks, not that bad right? I'm excited to work with them. This ward is really incredible. The number of people at activities is actually rather small though so somehow (probably by working with members) we're going to have to figure out how to buoy up the numbers so that more people stay active.

We are pretty much trying everything that we can think of. We're probably going to set up a booth on Mesa College, and we tried the bus stop contacting thing which is actually how we found Choyi by going to the bus to visit Anna!

How are the missionaries finding people in Weston? Do they have any new ideas that they've tried? I'm always up for trying new things... obviously, ha-ha.

Anna is doing so well! She is so amazing, and teaches me so much. I think I'm going to end up visiting her in China some time after my mission. I hope that's OK with you. She'll be baptized the first week in November I think. =) We added another Chinese investigator as well named Choyi. He is precious. He already considers himself a member of our Church. The language barrier is huge though. I'm learning how to teach really slowly... and very simply...  in order to make sure he understands what he is saying when he says "our Church". The last person of note for this week is named Will. Will reminds me a lot of Eric actually, which means we automatically became friends.  The amazing thing though is that he knows the Church is true, he just has concerns about baptism. I pray and hope for him that he will, because he is ready. So the work is going along nicely here in the La Jolla Singles ward, I don't know if I'll ever want to leave... But I guess that's what it was like in Chula Vista too. We are sent to places because we are meant to be there. I just have so much love for them, and I feel honored to be able to teach people who could, so easily, have been me. It’s a bit of trial and error but I think that was to be expected.

I love you all so much! I feel so blessed to be with you! Thanks for your love and support! You really are amazing examples to me!


Sister Tardiff


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the road again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So today it’s approximately 10:30 AM and ALREADY we've been on a hike! We got special permission and everything so we woke up at 4:40 in the morning (GAG) but it was totally worth it! We took some really beautiful pictures of the sunrise on top of Mount Cowles. It’s a really short hike, only a mile and a half or so to the top, but it was really awesome. I've been wanting to go on a legit hike for my entire mission and we finally got to do it! Almost all of the Battalion sisters came so we had 20 girls and then the three Assistants to the President on this trail. People probably thought we were a sports team or something ha-ha. My camera was left at home though so I'll have to send you pictures later. It’s really cloudy right now/smoggy? But that made the pictures even cooler because the sun came up and it looked like we were floating on clouds. =) It has been the best start of the day ever and later tonight we might be in a real good place to take a nap. =)

But! That's not the most important thing that happened this past week. The most important thing was definitely teaching Anna. She, seriously, is the most prepared person I've ever met in my entire life. She is a referral from the Mormon Battalion! We taught her the word of wisdom and Anna is from Beijing which has a lot of tea, obviously. She expressed concern about it, but when we explained it, and the blessings that came from it, she told us she got it, and even though culturally she would still be asked to prepare tea she would use self control and not drink any of it. I really felt like I was on a Preach My Gospel video. Every time we teach her I feel rejuvenated and refreshed and just so Spirit driven. I pray to meet more people like her every day.

Also, I went to my first luau ever! (I think) The ward put it on as a ward activity and we had two investigators come and the ward is INCREDIBLE. I think that there were probably 20 non member friends that came to the luau and hopefully will keep coming to activities. It’s like a missionaries dream come true. We were able to get to know a lot of the ward members AND their friends. Woohooo!! I love this ward so much! I love teaching and being with people my own age as well. It has been an amazing experience and I know the Lord has been blessing us so much with the people we are able to teach and with the members we've been able to meet. He is truly rewarding us for our intents and efforts.

We met two really amazing new investigators this week. One’s name is Laura and the other is Liz. They aren't related at all but they are way cool. Laura has a lot of Mormon friends and she is so prepared as well and Liz has had Mormon friends and she's just willing to learn. I love this area so much! I don't think words can adequately describe it. I got a call from Sis Pelfrey yesterday and she gave me updates on Chula Vista and I still have this overwhelming love for Chula Vista and for the members and people that I've met, but my heart, I can safely say, is centered on La Jolla Singles. It was a huge answer to prayers.

We realized that we don't have that many potentials/formers to work with so we also tried this new technique of being creepers that talk to people at bus stops hahahaha. We only tried it yesterday but it was a good trial run, and through practice I think its going to bring miracles. The Lord will set people in our paths that will be prepared and willing to learn, especially with the Temple in the background. I'll keep you updated on that street contacting technique.

Sister Stevens is another answer to prayers. She is awesome!! She's so happy. We make a really good companionship if I do say so myself. =) Already I've learned a lot from her. I've been thinking recently of how many companions I have had, and initially I was looking at it through others eyes, perhaps thinking that I'm hard to get along with etc., but I've realized now, that it’s again Heavenly Father answering my prayers. I've asked him from the very beginning to help me to become the best missionary I can be, and by being with so many different companions and Sisters I'm able to learn and adapt and develop strengths that they have into my own life. Someone at the MTC once told me, that by the end of the mission (if you've done it right) you will be the culmination of all the positive traits that your companions have had. Apparently I've needed a lot more positive traits =P but I'm so, so, so grateful for this opportunity to learn from so many Sisters. It’s a huge blessing.

So we just keep rolling, and having fun, laughing and sharing the Gospel. Life is good! =)

Do you have any funny stories? Do you need any hand written letters from me? Do you have fun plans for Halloween?

I sure love you, each one of you individually. I pray for you often. =)

Love you!!!

~ Sister Tardiff

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And so it begins... =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello my favorite people in the world! =)

How is your week going? How have fall festivities gone? We made caramel apples last week! They were yummy. =)

This week has been crazy. I'm not even kidding. We have gotten SO lost, so many times. It was funny... but also... not at the same time because we're on the Lord's time and we can't spend that time being lost! It has gotten to the point (because I was the designated driver) that yesterday we actually called President Clayton and asked if we could switch designated drivers because in Sister Steven's words I (Sister Tardiff) "have a better idea of where we are going and you're not even looking at the map!" It was really funny! President Clayton gave us permission so for the first time in a LONG time I'm not driving. It’s Weird. I think I'll enjoy it though and we'll be able to get to the places we need faster and more productively. =) Our area is HUGE. We cover the entire North Stake as part of the La Jolla Singles ward. I'll be able to whip around San Diego like no body's business by the end of my mission. =)

This last week has been a blast of fresh air! It’s been awesome to white wash. Sister Steven's and I came in on equal grounds and we're just trying everything and anything that comes to our mind to help this area progress. The ward is also incredible. It’s made up predominantly of women and a lot of them are return missionaries. =) Our plan is to get in with the members and through them to find and teach those who are prepared and those who have instant friends. I know that there are people here, and peoples friends who are here who are so ready to hear this message. It will be stellar.

Sister Stevens is from Layton, Utah and she is really an incredible, incredible missionary. She was switched from Spanish to English for this transfer and she is the most positive person I've ever met in my entire life. She was a beautician and she just laughs and works and it’s been awesome. I'm going to learn a lot from her. =) On a random side note; for the first time in my entire life, I let someone wax my eyebrows, ha-ha, but just because I love Sister Stevens... and because it was free. =)

What's been something new you've tried this week?

We have some awesome investigators and most of them are Asian. =) So cute! One's name is Anna and she is the MOST prepared person I've ever met in my entire life. She came to church and she said that she'd never had this feeling before, and that she felt good, and loved. She's from Beijing, China. 0_0 I love her to death and the Gospel is helping her so much already. Every time we teach her or get a text from her it just makes my heart happy.

On the Asian note; the Battalion now has the tour in Mandarin... which means that I've taken a tour in Mandarin! Except I'm speaking in English and just hearing other people speak in a crazy language. =)

The Battalion has been so good! I am really, really, really glad that I am back. I’m not sure if you all remember my going on a mission story, but a Sister Evans from the Winter Quarters Historic site looked at me and told me I should pray about going on a mission. When I found out I was going to be going to a historic site myself I wanted so badly to be able to do that same thing for someone else. I think I did. Yesterday I relieved a tour around 3 and as I walked in one of the ladies said that she recognized me from the temple and then again at the Mormon Battalion. The younger girl told me that partially because of meeting me at the Mormon Battalion and this trip that she had decided to go on a mission, and now she is going to serve in Campinas, Brazil, leaving in January and her mom piped in "you were very influential" That was an amazing experience.

So, moral of the story: historic sites are legit.  =)

Funny story; amidst this last week of getting lost we called the zone leaders to get directions to the place where we were having district meeting. We forgot to plan on lunch so we just grabbed the caramel apples we made the night before and jumped into the car. As we were driving to the building the Elders passed us and Sister Stevens and I just saluted them with our apples. Ha-ha. We make a really awesome companionship. I'm stoked for this next transfer. =)

Well that's most of my week. I'm happy as a little clam and so excited to hear from you all!

I love you so much!

Sister Tardiff

Surprise, Surprise!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This has been an interesting week that's for sure. It's about to get a lot more interesting though. I am back at the Battalion which is exciting! On my first tour in the enlistment room I took the tour with Sister Newman and it was the most peaceful, happy, "this is right" feeling. I was bubbling with happiness. This is where I'm meant to be. The Battalion is my home.

I got to say goodbye to everyone I needed to. Erica Jackson came to church last week! That was AWESOME, and we went and tried the egg experiment on her too and it totally tanked, like hardcore tanked. It was the funniest thing ever. Sister Croker cracked the egg shell too much so she couldn't peel it properly so when the egg got sucked into the bottle the egg exploded EVERYWHERE. The four year olds thought it was the best thing in the world... but that is definitely the egg NOT enduring to the end, ha-ha. Erica and I laughed for 5 minutes straight. She's one of the most special people to me.

My new area is La Jolla (pronounced hoy-a) Singles ward. YEAH, it is Crazy. I'm in a singles ward. The people are from ages 18-30. Whatt?? That's my age! It’s a completely different ball game but from what I could see it’s a really great ward. I get to have a lot of practice with member work.

This means, I’m working with people just like me 8 months ago or me in the future! How cool is that? Do you have any suggestions as to how to preach the Gospel to people like me? Hahahah.

I'm feeling a little bit inadequate because I'm also pretty much whitewashing it (gray washing? ha-ha) without a companion.  My companion, Sister Haggerty who's been in the area 5 months is REALLY sick. So during the times I did have the opportunity to go in the area, I was on exchanges with other sisters. She's going home tomorrow to recuperate and I have no idea what will end up happening with me or the area. The Lord has given me another opportunity to grow, and I know he'll help me. I trust him, but it’s going to be challenging. I'm grateful for the opportunity, but also... stressed.

The area is SUPER pretty. La Jolla is so different from Chula Vista. They're both rich areas, but La Jolla is a city, and everyone has their head phones in, most people don't believe in God and there are very limited Hispanics. I miss them! Ha-ha. But I do get to see the ocean a lot. This makes me truly very happy.

Sister Haggerty is also amazing! She's really bummed about going home, but I know that if it’s the Lord's will she'll come back as soon as she possibly can. Even though we've only been together a week I've learned a lot from her, and we've been able to grow together.

There are two investigators I've met so far. Lacey who doesn't know if God is there, but is willing to figure out what she believes, and Mads, who we got to teach a lesson with beer bottles strewn EVERYWHERE from the night before. That was an interesting lesson, ha-ha. This will be a way different experience, and I'm excited for it. I trust and I walk forward!

That's pretty much my week. A lot of unknown still in the future. So... I guess I'll let you know next week who my companion is and what's going on. =) Such is the life of a missionary heh.

I love you!! And I'm so glad that you are all so amazing!


~ Sister Tardiff

Friday, September 30, 2011

September 27... a memorable day

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi Everyone,

So.... today I got a call from the Zone Leaders and Elder Scoresby told me that I needed to pack my bags because I was leaving Chula Vista, but he told me to go to the normal transfer meeting, not the Battalion transfer meeting... so it's possible that I'm going to another area and not to the Battalion. I'm really sad, and excited... but at the moment mostly sad, because I really love Chula Vista, the members, investigators, the less actives. They all have a piece of my heart and I'm leaving it behind tomorrow. I think it's really good that I got a little bit of warning because if I hadn't been thinking I was leaving and then it was thrown on me, then I would be devastated right now, but the Lord knew it so he prepared me a bit. I'll let you know where I am going next week because I won't find that out until tomorrow.

But! This last week was really good! Rigo and Ivan's house has been a gold mine. I never thought I would experience something like this as an English speaking missionary, but this house just keeps giving. I feel like every time we go into the house we add another investigator, and somebody else wants to listen to us and to learn more. It's been so COOL. Rigo is really funny.  He bought us ice cream the other day, he still plays video games, and he's on a semi pro soccer team.

I said goodbye to Miranda - she is on her mission as of tomorrow =) Colorado Denver Spanish speaking. She spent days with us just doing missionary work. We're good friends, we'll be letter buddies ha ha.

Also, yesterday we met one of the neatest people I've ever met. A coach, and Olympian of speed walking from Columbia. About half of the conversation was in Spanish. =) Woohoo!! He was fascinating though. He goes to Eastlake and has a belief in Christ and invited us back any time. His name is Enrique.

My favorite experience of the week: Lois. Yes, like the person from Superman. We met her while eating at Panda Express. We just starting up a conversation with her about college and we got to the topic of religion (how convenient =) ) and she thought that we didn't believe that Jesus Christ was our Savior and Redeemer. We talked to her, and testified and showed her that we loved her, but more importantly that her Savior loves her. She cried and smiled and we set a return appointment. She said I remind her of her niece. We were able to meet with her again yesterday and she knows that we were supposed to find her in Panda Express and she knows that we can help her. She is so special to me. I put her in Sister Crokers capable hands to baptize. We had a connection and the Spirit  there was really strong.  It was a really incredible experience, and I realized I needed to be in Chula Vista for 7 months so that I could find her in the last week of my transfer. She kept looking at me and smiling. It was I think the best experience so far of my mission. Especially because at the end of a kind of lame day, she called us and wanted to see us, and hear from us.

Funny story: The Elders were, in district meeting, comparing their names and asking the district who has a better name. Merril, or Whitrod. MERRIL or Whitrod. And then elder Whitrod pipes in with "WHIT ROD" ahaha, typing doesn't do it justice. Then Elder Scoresby came in with "Scoresby" which somehow led to how Hispanics can't pronounce his name and the conversation goes something like this "Escor... Escor..." "Scoresby" "aaaaah! Escoresby!" Way funny.

Funny story 2: We exploded a glass bottle. You probably think I'm joking but I'm not. Heh. We were practicing for an object lesson with eggs about baptism by fire, where the suction of the egg and fire sucks the egg into a glass bottle but we didn't have any rubbing alcohol. So we decided to use hairspray. HAHAHA. Hairspray definitely gets the fire part going. The fire exploded about a foot out of the bottle and I was like "put the egg on it! put the egg on it!" and Sister Croker (who is a bit more sensible) just started blowing on it to put it out. So like the intelligent Sister missionaries we are, we decided to try it again... (yes that was my idea) and this time we tried to get a picture! So we put less hair spray in, lit it, it exploded WHOOSH and then I put the egg on the top and PLOMP it like shot to the bottom of the bottle. HAHAHA. It was awesome. I'd totally do it again but its too intense to do with investigators so we're going to get some rubbing alcohol.

So that's pretty much how life is going right now. Funnier every day, things are happening... and I'm getting transferred. So my life is going to be completely different come next week. I'll let you know how it goes. I know that I'll go where the Lord needs me.

I love you all. You are my favorite people in the world!


Sister Tardiff.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mom I got your package! Woohoo! It made me really happy, especially the Red Sox shirt. =) The Red Sox shirt fits (It is a child Large). My companion was actually really funny because she looked at it and I said "how does it look" and she said... "big!" Which is hilarious because it fit perfectly for me, she is just used to tighter shirts. =)  It’s awesome! This is the first Red Sox shirt I've ever had!

I feel so loved by you all! I know that you're praying for me across the country and I really appreciate it. You are a real support to me. =) The best family and friends in the world.

Alright! So... this week! I FINALLY got caught up in my journal for the first time this transfer, which means, yes, this transfer is largely undocumented but it’s exciting because I'll be able to document everything from now on, hopefully. =) The most amazing part of this week I think was being able to meet a man named Jose. He was a street contact, we were walking around a mobile home and I saw him watering his lawn, and naturally I went up to talk to him. He is the most humble guy ever. It was amazing because this imagine came to me of him having the priesthood, and being baptized. I think meeting him changed my mission a little bit just because I honestly know nothing about him except that he's ready, and that I was meant to talk to him. He told us when we left that we made his day. Hopefully, we'll be able to see him again.

Martha and Jacob dropped us. =( We were both kind of crying. She did it over phone so we made one final appointment and went in with our guns blazing. We told her exactly what we're offering, and she knows it. She said she would go to church one more time, and that she likes the Book of Mormon. The reason she dropped us was her husband and his anti-Mormon family. It’s not over yet, we're not going to give up on her, just give her some time to see her life without the Gospel.

We met the COOLEST family this week. Their names are Rigo and Ivan (brothers) and their children, Nick and Sam (Rigo's) and Ivan and Lily (Ivan's) They haven't been to church since they were seven and they want the Book of Mormon and religion in their lives. Also, they play soccer so I know that you would all love them. =) I have high hopes for them. They're both recently divorced and family is really important for them.

Also, one of the amazing things that I've been able to experience this transfer is the members of the ward. And I know I've said this over and over and over again, but this ward is such an amazing example of the Gospel works, and every time I go over to strengthen them, and encourage them to share the Gospel, and give them the Apostolic witness that they'll find someone in 90 days, they end up strengthening me, and firming my resolve of really what I want later in life. I came on a mission to serve the Lord, and he just gives back in ways that I didn't even imagine. It has been a blessing for sure.

Funny story: We have a man in our ward named Brother Buhanan. He wears a bow tie every week to church. =)

Funny story part two: I went to my first SPANISH activity. Like ALL in Spanish. Granted we only stayed for 30 minutes because we were only trying to get a less active there named Sam but it was way funny. We were walking into the activity and I turned to Sister Croker and said "this is going to be a disaster" and she just laughed at me. It was all good. =)

That's a snap shot of my week! Hope you're all doing awesome! Sure do love you!

~ Sister Tardiff

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A life without....electricity!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heya Everyone,

It’s me... the used to be homeless, leased out Battalion, trying to learn Spanish missionary that's in San Diego. Remember me? =) Yep! I'm here! And I survived the blackout! Woohoo!! Actually the blackout was the best day of my mission probably. Everyone was home and could anyone be busy? Nope, there was no electricity = no gas pumps working, no TV and no distractions. It was the best thing ever except for the fact that the stop lights were out. That was kind of scary but fortunately we obviously survived so that I can tell the tale. =) That day we were also on semi exchanges. We had another Sister who just joined us for the day. I learned so much from her. She is an extraordinary missionary. I love being with other missionaries because I can learn from each and every one of them. Anyway, the black out was awesome! We got to eat some good cake, talk to EVERYONE and then the moment we drove up to our house, BLING the lights came back on so we could have dinner. =) The Lord takes care of his missionaries.

We had MTE again with President Clayton and it was really good. We talked about obedience and about member work. Working with members is fun. It’s been really good for me to be able to have time to focus on both investigators, potentials AND members because they are all important. I love the quote in Preach My Gospel by Hinckley that says that everyone involved in missionary work knows that there is a better way than tracting - and that way is through members. When members become the source through whom we find the majority of our investigators the work progresses faster. It’s been fun to meet a lot of the members of the ward and challenge them and promise them blessings. I'm excited for what will happen in approximately 90 days. =)

The longer I've been here in Chula Vista the more I've realized just how lucky I am. I've been lucky for my whole life. This ward is an amazing example of how a ward should work, with families that are super functional, happy, and involved in the Gospel and missionary work. It’s just been a huge blessing to see the example of so many people now that I'm looking for it. I imagine the same is true for the missionaries serving in the Weston Ward. There are just so many amazing families and amazing examples. Just by being who you are, mom and dad, you're teaching the missionaries more than you can possibly imagine. I came here to serve other people and more I'm here the more it really seems to be that other people are serving me, temporally or by their example.

Here is something that you will think is funny: Sister Croker thinks I'm organized. Hahahaha. =) I have been improving slowly in that particular area of my life you'll be happy to know, so it’s not entirely that she's confused, ha-ha.

This week was a lot better. The work has progressed rapidly. =) A lot of really awesome things have happened, including getting a less active a friend who's had situations very similar to Sam's. The less active kind of reminds me of you dad, except for obviously the fact that you have always been active.  He has a mustache and he loves the Gospel so much. It’s just that he's gotten out of the habit of going. I have an outpouring of love for him. I pray all the time that he and his family will go back to Church.

We got to go to a Mission President’s fireside. =)

OH and I taught a lesson over candlelight while the power was out! How COOL is that? I felt like I was back in Joseph Smith's time and it was hard to read the scriptures but it was awesome. Seriously, I'll take a black out any time.

That was pretty much my week. We lost our phone unfortunately. We think we left it on a table somewhere. It’s making missionary work a bit slower but we keep moving forward until we get ourselves a new phone or find it. I'd prefer finding it.

I love you all so much! Keep up the good work!!

~Sister Tardiff

PS - We found our phone! Woohoo!!

Considering the circumstances

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


How is everyone doing? I want to hear from you all! =)

So considering the circumstances this week with ANOTHER road trip to San Marcos (this time it wasn't my fault! But now I'm getting to know that drive really well and soon I won't even need directions and the 14 lane highway won't phase me at all =) and some other things that just didn't quite fall in our favor (I'll tell you about one of them later) I've had a lot of time for self reflection. It’s been interesting. I've been in the same area my entire mission and to some it might seem like I haven't had so much success. But I am here to tell you otherwise. I've learned, I've grown, and with me the area has grown and developed. It’s been really good that I've been here for me, and hopefully for others, and I have seen the people that I've seen, taught the people I've taught, and strengthened the ward and people that I've been around, including my companions.

Sister Newman and I were talking a few weeks ago about companionships and Sister Croker and I redid that conversation last night.  As a companion (and this can be friends, missionary companions, spouses, etc.) the Lord has given us stewardship over that other person, and in the end he is going to ask us "how well did you take care of my child? I put them in your path so that you could strengthen them, and lift them and help them, how well did you do that?" and we are going to be accountable for that. Friends are such angels, such blessings from heaven. It’s really an amazing and humbling responsibility that the Lord has given us to look out for them and love them. =)

But, last week was a week of humility I would say (and I'm saying this with a smile by the way because I learned a lot from it, not because I liked it); appointments fell through, nobody was home. It was interesting. As I said, It was a time for self reflection; spiritual boot camp so to speak, ha-ha. We did see the hand of the Lord amidst it all, and this next week I know will be awesome. Yesterday was the start to it. =) We were able to see Martha and her brother Jose and teach them the plan of salvation, and for them the importance and what exactly repentance is- I just love them so much. She still hasn't had her baby but she's in mom mode. She loves her family and she knows what her role is. She told us she'd be baptized if she and her husband could do it together. =)  So no set date yet, but it’s in the works. Happy day. =) It’s funny because we weren't able to see her all of last week, and frankly I was really upset and worried about it. She is my sister and I want her to have the happiness that I have. Finding her home yesterday was a tender mercy, and the lesson was exactly the way it should have gone.

We also got to meet with Michell again, that cute Asian lady. She rocks my socks. She's really an awesome individual; it’s just rather unfortunate that she doesn't have a phone ha-ha. *looks happy* She's got a special place in my heart.

The other good news of the week is the two less actives that we ran into; Josephine and Alyssa. They both invited us in (not quite like Isabelle) but they invited us in and are ready I think for us as missionaries to be in their lives. It’s been good.

Funny story:

The other day we were driving back from the Battalion and we got egged on the road. It’s no joke and we had a member in the car! What??? Who carries EGGS in their car? And she had kids with her! She flipped us off and everything and got another egg out and said to us "I have more!" before turning off the road. It was INSANITY. Also it probably didn't help that we were all laughing out of the sheer weirdness of it all, so that probably made her madder, ha-ha, but it was crazy, and funny. I hope it never happens again. Lots of people were looking at us. The story behind why we got egged was because I guess I accidentally cut her off? I checked the mirror and everything and I thought I was good *shrugs*. I think she just wasn't paying attention to the fact that the light turned red and she was still going 45 mph right before a red stop light but she got mad at us. So we had to get permission from our Mission president’s wife to get the car washed so the egg wouldn't ruin the paint; that poor member in a day in the life of missionary work I guess!

Other funny story:

We ran into Joe from the Galactic Federation by accident. We were trying to check up on a potential and I guess I got the wrong number... because Joe opens the door and was like "Sisters!!!" And I was like.... "uhhh...." hahahaha. He had more information to tell us but we moved on to our next plans ASAP. The members we visited got a kick out of it. =)

Anyway I love you a lot! I can't wait to hear from you and see how you're all doing! =)

Love ya!

~ Sister Tardiff

Well, another week in the life of ....well....me!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heyo family!

I had a great week. =)

So the big news of the week is that we FINALLY have an apartment that we're living in! Yippee! We're living with the institute couple which is pretty neat because it means that I'm still surrounded and loved by older couples. I think that God, just as he has throughout my life, is giving me just many amazing examples of what it is to live the Gospel all your life and love your spouse and how much the Gospel blesses people. I feel really blessed.

Recently since we were able to move in to our new place I’ve been able to exercise a lot better because we have these rolling dirt hills in our back yard basically and I've been able to run on dirt which is SO much better for my knees and up and down hills which is SO much better for my body. I've been feeling a lot better and healthier. Plus my companion has been reminding me to drink water and that is always good for the body. =)

My companion is amazing. She's not a native Spanish speaker and has only been studying for about 5 months. So learning Spanish for me is kind of... challenging. But it’s going as well as can be expected. I'll at least know how to say some rudimentary words and thoughts before the end of the transfer which is better than I could say before. My companion is awesome. She's really tolerant, positive and laid back about when things go wrong which is a good balance of me being so focused on trying to be a perfect missionary. She really knows how to follow the Spirit and teach. We each have our strengths and it will be amazing to see what we can take from each other at the end of the transfer. I've really been blessed as far as companions go. The Lord certainly knew who I needed to be with in order to learn and grow the most, and to help those around me.

It was really hard that last day to leave the Battalion behind. I felt like I was leaving my family, and with two new sisters coming I don't know if I’ll be back in the near future. But I am loving this experience that I'm having and I'm very grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me in having this gift of time given to me and to Chula Vista.

The amazing thing about this change is we have a LOT more time to work with members, to strengthen them and to help them to understand even better that they have an amazing ability and responsibility to bring others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We've been working on some member lessons to inspire people and to get them to ACT and it’s been a blessing because I've been in this area for 6 months now, but now, with the increase in time to work with ward members I feel like I'm finally becoming a part of the ward that they love and that they can trust me even more. Members are important. Never forget that - you as members have something that we missionaries don't - you have functional real lives in the real world, and other people recognize it.

We've been working a lot with Martha and Jacob this past week. They are some of my favorite people in the world. I really want to bring them the happiness that the Gospel gives us. We taught them about Temples and the family proclamation to the world which is fitting because they're about to have a new little baby, Tyler. =)

We also have been working with Luis A and his family and Teresa. Life has been pretty solid recently. I'm so grateful to be in Chula Vista. I have faith to see miracles this transfer and I know that they will happen.

I know miracles can happen in your lives too as you have faith and trust in God.

We have also had the chance to work with Michael and he's going to the Mormon Battalion on Friday with us. =) WOOHOO! I am going back to visit my old home land except Chula Vista is my home land now... so back to... uh... one of the best places in the world. =) We are going to watch the new Joseph Smith movie.

Anyway, life is good, life is sweet. I'm so excited to be a servant of the Lord.

I was reading in the Book of Mormon today and I found the scripture Mormon 8:22. It’s a powerhouse scripture. You should all read it. =)

Well I sure love you!

Keep it real, and fun!

*hugs and handshakes*

~ Sister Tardiff