Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Easter From the Mormon Battalion =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heyo Everyone!

Well! Happy Easter! The Easter egg hunt two pdays ago was so fun! We're going forward with the Easter egg hunt with the investigators so that's pretty fun. =) It’s happening on Saturday! Good way to celebrate Easter followed by Easter Sunday which is so amazing! It’s going to be all about the Atonement which is awesome because my understanding and testimony of the Atonement and its power has increased dramatically on the mission. Also, if you read 3 Nephi 19 where it talks about Jesus praying and him smiling at his disciples - he can make us pure, and clean. =)

I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Burden and she is from Ririe, Idaho. She loves playing volleyball and basketball and has a super strong testimony. This means we get along great - that’s not the only reason we get along great. She's also 6 feet tall. Sister Donaldson joked that they put the tallest missionary with the shortest, me. =) He-he. Anyway, the town she comes from, Ririe, is a small town of about 400 people... WHOA! Tiny! She didn't even have a stop light growing up. It makes me laugh because when we drive she is just so grateful that she doesn't have to drive because it intimidates her. Which is funny because when I drive, it intimidates me - EXCEPT! Recently I've actually been able to sit back and relax while driving. I can only imagine that by the end of my mission I'll be a pro driver... or at least less pansy like. Patrick will be proud of me.

Last week, we went to a Mexican restaurant. There was a pepper sitting on my plate and Sister Pelfry and I (my temporary companion) decided we would try to eat one each. We asked the server if it was hot and she said it was mild for her. We popped them in.... Oops... my face turned bright red and my mouth was numb for like 35 minutes. Hahaha. Yep. I'm a smarty.

At the post office today we met this really friendly woman named Camille, she helped me stuff some things into a tiny box so that was really fun and funny. It’s amazing what mom's can do. She kept saying "if there's a will there’s a way!" And there was a will so there was a way. Everything fit! I also bought chocolate covered blueberries. Made my day! =) Good times at the grocery store. Sister Burden loves chips. She bought 3 or 4 bags of them which is funny because she said she wasn't going to buy any at all. =D

OH. PDAY IS ON MONDAY NEXT WEEK. MONDAY PDAY! (I'm supposed to make sure you know that) Because Elder Perry is talking to us on Tuesday... sooo... Monday pday, e-mail me before then, and expect an e-mail from me that day. Also if you are planning on sending a box at some point in the future, no rush or anything, old t-shirts would be marvelous, and socks from my drawer. And also the picture frame from Teri and any CD's (church ones) that I left behind in the bottom drawer of my dresser. And pictures of you! But no worries. None of these are of the utmost importance. Just if there is room and only if you are already sending a box. I can be patient.

I bought a San Diego Sweatshirt today! It’s white, and fluffy.

On Sister Burden's first day in the area we added a new investigator. Her name is Adida and we'd been trying to contact her for weeks! She seems really open to learning and wants to become closer to God. We have a return appointment for Wednesday. =) We also had a good meeting with Fransisco - we didn't end up dropping him after all =) We invited him to be baptized but he said that he wanted to be fully converted to the gospel before agreeing to any date. He did say he'd come to church next week though =) Life is good =) We have a lot of funny times. Like the time when she thought she needed to back me but we were actually parking. And I was really confused because I heard screaming and I thought she jumped out of the car really fast. So my heart stopped for a moment. But then everything made sense when she started to wave her arms. Hahaha. I'm glad I didn't kill anyone, and I have such an enthusiastic and diligent companion.

Annette is the real miracle this week. This will seem kind of small but yesterday she texted us and asked us to say a prayer for Noah. I was blown away. At the beginning she wouldn't even talk religion with us. Obviously we did pray and I sent back that I loved her and her family. She responded with "thx so much.. we love u 2. we r so grateful that u r a part of our lives =) I’ll text u after the appointment" I was brimming with happiness (Sister Virgin knows that phrase well =)) I love the small progress we're making and I love the friendship we're developing. This is what missionary work is supposed to be; having investigators and being such good friends with them as well.

Another tender mercy this week was meeting with the Quintero

We finally contacted the Lewis street which gave us some very funny memories. hahaha. So we went up to this door where the lights were on and we knocked on the door. We see this man poke his head ABOVE the door and open the door very cautiously. We were just being friendly like so we introduced ourselves and asked his name. He excused himself for a moment and hit his dog that was barking and we were like "uhhh..." then he opened the door again and we again asked his name and he asked "why do you want to know?" We answered "just being friendly" and he basically just shut the door on our faces. I started laughing, hard, but only when we were far enough away from the door that he couldn't hear me. Heh. It’s either laugh or cry right? And laughing is far better.

We did meet a man on that street named Dennis though! He was really friendly and we found out he'd been living in Utah for 3 years and had a lot of respect for the Church and for members of the Church. It’s amazing how much faster the work progresses when there are members involved and the members are so respectful to non members. I know I've said this before but after the mission I'm totally going to be a better member missionary. You said that there have been baptisms in our ward? That's awesome! Who are they?

I forgot the area book, and the map one day. That was an exciting day. Good thing I know the area for the most part and remembered how to get to Fransisco's house. I did forget which house the Vaughan's were though... which ended up being a miracle because we knocked on a door that I thought was the Vaughan's and we ended up adding an investigator. The Lord takes care of his missionaries. =)

Also the Wunderli's have a referral that we're meeting today! This is the first time I've ever met a member's friend in a teaching setting... I'm kind of nervous but I know that Sister Burden and I can do it! It will be awesome!

Anyway, the pilot program continues to roll forward. Life is good. =)

I hope that you all have an awesome amazing Easter! Keep on smiling!

And seriously look up 3 Nephi 19 =)

~ Sister Tardiff

And the work continues

 Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Want to hear about my week? Of course you do, otherwise you'd stop reading right now =)! My week has been pretty amazing so you should be excited! Alright! We'll work backwards. My companion left this morning! BAH!! Sister Virgin is my second half and she's leaving on a jet plane. She left me a really awesome bag of treasures though and a really sweet note. She's been exactly what Chula Vista needed and she's become one of my best friends. She'll do great. =) That means I won't find out who my companion is till tomorrow. But I'll keep you in suspense until next week to tell you all about her =); only because I'm in suspense too though... =)

Ray met with missionaries yesterday!! The missionaries Elder Hill and Elder Hall said it was "interesting"

I finished my journal! Whoa... I know I write a lot! So I'm off to my next journal. Good thing you got me one for Christmas, mom. =)

The work continues to roll forward! Fransisco came to church! What a miracle! Missionaries have been trying to get him to church for about a year and he suddenly just decided that it was time for him to try it out again. It’s crazy and just furthers my testimony that Heavenly Father prepares his children. He loved church too! Fast and testimony meeting and Sister Virgin bore a really beautiful testimony. I just love that girl and I love the work.

What is your favorite pre Easter preparation?

We ended up finding a family this week named the Harris family. One of their little boys, Adonis, passed away this past week. He was only 11 years old. We were able to go over, bring a loaf of banana bread and just give her comfort and buoy her up. We left the house, without saying a pray, without adding them as investigators but with the feeling that "that is what missionary work is" taking care of Christ’s children. It was really incredible; really powerful. We had some other really great lessons this week, both with members and with non members. Sister Fears husband Mark is doing well with surgery!  We also got to meet with a lady named Sister Razo. She's one of my favorite ward members. She gave us lots of oranges and some lemons. =D  Sorry, that's not really important. What is important is that two other appointments fell through before we went and visited her, but when we did visit her, she had tears in her eyes. She felt the Spirit and she told us that we had been exactly what she needed to get through the day. Heavenly Father is so perfect. Even in so called "failures" his work moves forward, his children are blessed and we can be answers to prayers as often as we ask for that privilege.

I tried to make rice pudding... that was a fail. BLAH. Gross. BUT! I got to eat pizza twice! Yummy! And grape fruit is the BEST in California! It’s awesome! I like eating grape fruit every day; grape fruit and English muffins. It reminds me of grandpa.

We got to meet with Jan again and it was really powerful. I just love missionary work! I love the people here in San Diego. I love being able to focus on the Spirit and on other people all the time! I am just brimming with love and it’s the best feeling ever.  Theresa called! I know! I know! Right? The missionaries "happened" to knock on her door. Heh, little does she know that we sent her information to them. =D  They are meeting with her now!

I kind of miss the pigs and cows and sheep and goats at Drumlin Farm *winks* Also, I love you all. =)

Last pday we had the best Easter egg hunt ever! It was super fun. It’s one of my favorite activities and I'm planning on spreading the joy. Next Saturday we're having an Easter egg hunt for some of our investigators and their children with some ward members and their children coming as well. The same sort of idea as the barbecue except with an activity for the children. I'm really excited. I love Easter! And children! And San Diego. Did I mention I loved San Diego? Oh well if not... I do! 

I got to feel exactly what it was like to be an investigator. This is a funny story actually. So Doctor Humiston put my companion on a diet and said that the diet would strongly help me as well because I might have some sort of infection. Well the diet consists of not eating tons of stuff that I like eating, like fruit and muffins and lots of yummy things so I decided not to do the diet. =) Well he looked at me and said that he was really disappointed, because he knows it will help me and he was excited to see my progress. BAM it hit me! I know why investigators don't change, don't keep commitments, etc. Because for this diet I am an "investigator." It was really cool! Being a missionary I decided I would pray about it, to see if I should try it, because I'm worried if I take the pills that go with the diet I might potentially make my body reliant on it/ hurt it. I did pray about it and I didn't get an answer, so I'll keep praying. =) I might try it "experiment on the word" so to speak, but I just thought it was a really cool experience because now I know... like know, know, instead of dimly remember what it’s like to be on the other side. =)

I met a man from Armenia at the temple! Cool huh! He taught me how to say hi... but I forget now...

I've really learned that the Temple is so important. It’s the center of everything because it’s the house of the Lord and of Jesus Christ. I just love the Temple and the hope it brings. When we keep the Temple in our heart and in our mind we know that we are on the path that Heavenly Father wants us on.

I'm out of time because I have to write my presidents letter, but know how precious you, mom, dad, Teri, and Patrick are to me! More precious than gold! And look in 3 Nephi when Jesus smiles at the people. It’s because they're praying without ceasing. It’s so, so powerful. Prayer is the tool we have to block Satan’s influence in our lives. It gives us comfort and guidance and most importantly it lets Heavenly Father show us how much he truly, truly loves us. I love it. =) I love you!

Keep on going strong! The gospel is the source of happiness and peace!


Good luck with finals all who are going through that week of doom destruction and stress! I know you'll do great!


Sister Tardiff

Monday, April 11, 2011


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hi Everyone!

So this last weekend was pretty awesome. We got to watch most of conference but not all of it because I had to give tours on Sunday night. I apparently missed one of the best talks by Elder Christofferson. I'll get the Ensign though and eat that up. =) Conference was amazing huh?? I watched it in the Chula Vista stake center and it was amazing to see so many missionaries in one room for conference. Unfortunately no investigators showed up, or if they did it was Sunday night. However! My favorite talk was by Elder Bednar, the one about revelation. =) How cool was that talk! Every time we pray for revelation God gives it to us, it might be line upon line, or it might be like something on a cloudy day, but he give it to us! I should be praying for revelation every second of the day! Another talk I really liked was the one about pain and how it allows us to grow. We should be grateful for every trial because that is an opportunity from the Lord to allow us to see our reflection in the mirror and every day see us becoming more and more like Christ.

What was your favorite part of conference and why? Did you get to listen to all four sessions?

On Tuesday night we met with Theresa again and helped her pack. We left her with a firm testimony that she was a divine child of God and could over come any challenges with the help of the Atonement and Jesus Christ. She also gave us her address so that we can pass it onto the missionaries in Arizona. We sang her ‘I am a child of God.’ I was really emotional but I managed not to cry until after we said goodbye. I wish I had taken a picture with her. She is quite the lady. I know she'll be the Arizona missionary’s miracle. =)

We had a district meeting and talked about becoming closer to God. =) It was a neat experience. (I'm trying to be more creative with my use of adjectives because my mission is so cool but I feel like I use the same words too much. =) ) We went around the room and said things we admired about everyone in the district. Then we went out and served!!

I don't know if I've mentioned Jan before but he's a sweet old man and he is so excited to see us every time we come by! This last time we came by he was smiling and cheerful and he told us he was watching the restoration movie over and over again so that he could really understand it. He speaks Dutch better than English so he was watching it with Dutch subtitles. It was amazing. We also sang to him ‘Be Still, My Soul’ which is one of my favorite songs! He told us we should come back and sing and record ourselves on his tape cassette player. It was super cute.

Carlos is doing awesome! We're hoping he can baptize his mom. =)

We had a baller meeting with Michael. We brought a member along, Sister Klein, who is SO amazing. I love her. She served her mission in Louisiana. We talked about church and how important it is, and he told us he didn't want to pray to know if it was true! While that might seem like a really bad thing, that's actually kind of cool because it means that he KNOWS it’s true, and is just afraid of the consequences of his life when he gets his answer. So I know that he'll come around. Salvation is a high price to pay for fear of change.

We met with a man named Adel and originally we were going to bring President Donaldson along with us. However he ended up not being able to come, but another member named Brother Clove came and he was PERFECT. It was incredible. Adel and Bro Clove got along super well. Brother Clove knew when to talk and how to keep things gospel related. It was a match made in Heaven. We talked about grace and then lead into the Book of Mormon being the way to know the fruits of the labors. The Spirit was there really strong, I felt it and I know Adel felt it as well. When we left the lesson we asked if Bro Clove would come back for the next lesson and I couldn't even finish my sentence before he agreed and said he'd come to any other lesson we could squeeze him in. I love this ward I'm in so much. They're so missionary minded. =) I'm going to be just like them!

We're meeting with a couple new people this week =)

We haven't heard from Priscilla or Diana. =( Diana won't return our phone calls and Priscilla's parents won't let us meet with her. It’s heartbreaking because she really wanted to receive the lessons.

Another heartbreaking thing is that Sister Virgin is leaving next week! NoooooYAYYYY!!! =D Next week will be intimidating as I find out who my new companion will be... I'll find out next Wednesday so you won't find out for another couple of weeks. I know whatever happens, God puts every single person in our path because they will be perfect for us, and the reason for us to grow.

Gah! Life is so awesome! The future is so bright! I loved that quote from conference.

"The future is as bright as our faith"

BAM, awesomeness and truth in 8 words! Say that out loud and you will feel the Spirit testify to you that that is true. The future is bright. =)

Anyway! Today I'm going to participate in an Easter egg hunt with my companion! I'm excited! I love Easter egg hunts! The more hunts the better! Have a happy Easter for me! Enjoy going to the historic sites and remember Christ! =)

Love you all!

Remember Ether 12:27 =)

Have an awesome, amazing, stupendous, incredible week!


Sister Tardiff