Friday, September 30, 2011

September 27... a memorable day

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hi Everyone,

So.... today I got a call from the Zone Leaders and Elder Scoresby told me that I needed to pack my bags because I was leaving Chula Vista, but he told me to go to the normal transfer meeting, not the Battalion transfer meeting... so it's possible that I'm going to another area and not to the Battalion. I'm really sad, and excited... but at the moment mostly sad, because I really love Chula Vista, the members, investigators, the less actives. They all have a piece of my heart and I'm leaving it behind tomorrow. I think it's really good that I got a little bit of warning because if I hadn't been thinking I was leaving and then it was thrown on me, then I would be devastated right now, but the Lord knew it so he prepared me a bit. I'll let you know where I am going next week because I won't find that out until tomorrow.

But! This last week was really good! Rigo and Ivan's house has been a gold mine. I never thought I would experience something like this as an English speaking missionary, but this house just keeps giving. I feel like every time we go into the house we add another investigator, and somebody else wants to listen to us and to learn more. It's been so COOL. Rigo is really funny.  He bought us ice cream the other day, he still plays video games, and he's on a semi pro soccer team.

I said goodbye to Miranda - she is on her mission as of tomorrow =) Colorado Denver Spanish speaking. She spent days with us just doing missionary work. We're good friends, we'll be letter buddies ha ha.

Also, yesterday we met one of the neatest people I've ever met. A coach, and Olympian of speed walking from Columbia. About half of the conversation was in Spanish. =) Woohoo!! He was fascinating though. He goes to Eastlake and has a belief in Christ and invited us back any time. His name is Enrique.

My favorite experience of the week: Lois. Yes, like the person from Superman. We met her while eating at Panda Express. We just starting up a conversation with her about college and we got to the topic of religion (how convenient =) ) and she thought that we didn't believe that Jesus Christ was our Savior and Redeemer. We talked to her, and testified and showed her that we loved her, but more importantly that her Savior loves her. She cried and smiled and we set a return appointment. She said I remind her of her niece. We were able to meet with her again yesterday and she knows that we were supposed to find her in Panda Express and she knows that we can help her. She is so special to me. I put her in Sister Crokers capable hands to baptize. We had a connection and the Spirit  there was really strong.  It was a really incredible experience, and I realized I needed to be in Chula Vista for 7 months so that I could find her in the last week of my transfer. She kept looking at me and smiling. It was I think the best experience so far of my mission. Especially because at the end of a kind of lame day, she called us and wanted to see us, and hear from us.

Funny story: The Elders were, in district meeting, comparing their names and asking the district who has a better name. Merril, or Whitrod. MERRIL or Whitrod. And then elder Whitrod pipes in with "WHIT ROD" ahaha, typing doesn't do it justice. Then Elder Scoresby came in with "Scoresby" which somehow led to how Hispanics can't pronounce his name and the conversation goes something like this "Escor... Escor..." "Scoresby" "aaaaah! Escoresby!" Way funny.

Funny story 2: We exploded a glass bottle. You probably think I'm joking but I'm not. Heh. We were practicing for an object lesson with eggs about baptism by fire, where the suction of the egg and fire sucks the egg into a glass bottle but we didn't have any rubbing alcohol. So we decided to use hairspray. HAHAHA. Hairspray definitely gets the fire part going. The fire exploded about a foot out of the bottle and I was like "put the egg on it! put the egg on it!" and Sister Croker (who is a bit more sensible) just started blowing on it to put it out. So like the intelligent Sister missionaries we are, we decided to try it again... (yes that was my idea) and this time we tried to get a picture! So we put less hair spray in, lit it, it exploded WHOOSH and then I put the egg on the top and PLOMP it like shot to the bottom of the bottle. HAHAHA. It was awesome. I'd totally do it again but its too intense to do with investigators so we're going to get some rubbing alcohol.

So that's pretty much how life is going right now. Funnier every day, things are happening... and I'm getting transferred. So my life is going to be completely different come next week. I'll let you know how it goes. I know that I'll go where the Lord needs me.

I love you all. You are my favorite people in the world!


Sister Tardiff.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dun, Dun, Dun, Dun !

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Mom I got your package! Woohoo! It made me really happy, especially the Red Sox shirt. =) The Red Sox shirt fits (It is a child Large). My companion was actually really funny because she looked at it and I said "how does it look" and she said... "big!" Which is hilarious because it fit perfectly for me, she is just used to tighter shirts. =)  It’s awesome! This is the first Red Sox shirt I've ever had!

I feel so loved by you all! I know that you're praying for me across the country and I really appreciate it. You are a real support to me. =) The best family and friends in the world.

Alright! So... this week! I FINALLY got caught up in my journal for the first time this transfer, which means, yes, this transfer is largely undocumented but it’s exciting because I'll be able to document everything from now on, hopefully. =) The most amazing part of this week I think was being able to meet a man named Jose. He was a street contact, we were walking around a mobile home and I saw him watering his lawn, and naturally I went up to talk to him. He is the most humble guy ever. It was amazing because this imagine came to me of him having the priesthood, and being baptized. I think meeting him changed my mission a little bit just because I honestly know nothing about him except that he's ready, and that I was meant to talk to him. He told us when we left that we made his day. Hopefully, we'll be able to see him again.

Martha and Jacob dropped us. =( We were both kind of crying. She did it over phone so we made one final appointment and went in with our guns blazing. We told her exactly what we're offering, and she knows it. She said she would go to church one more time, and that she likes the Book of Mormon. The reason she dropped us was her husband and his anti-Mormon family. It’s not over yet, we're not going to give up on her, just give her some time to see her life without the Gospel.

We met the COOLEST family this week. Their names are Rigo and Ivan (brothers) and their children, Nick and Sam (Rigo's) and Ivan and Lily (Ivan's) They haven't been to church since they were seven and they want the Book of Mormon and religion in their lives. Also, they play soccer so I know that you would all love them. =) I have high hopes for them. They're both recently divorced and family is really important for them.

Also, one of the amazing things that I've been able to experience this transfer is the members of the ward. And I know I've said this over and over and over again, but this ward is such an amazing example of the Gospel works, and every time I go over to strengthen them, and encourage them to share the Gospel, and give them the Apostolic witness that they'll find someone in 90 days, they end up strengthening me, and firming my resolve of really what I want later in life. I came on a mission to serve the Lord, and he just gives back in ways that I didn't even imagine. It has been a blessing for sure.

Funny story: We have a man in our ward named Brother Buhanan. He wears a bow tie every week to church. =)

Funny story part two: I went to my first SPANISH activity. Like ALL in Spanish. Granted we only stayed for 30 minutes because we were only trying to get a less active there named Sam but it was way funny. We were walking into the activity and I turned to Sister Croker and said "this is going to be a disaster" and she just laughed at me. It was all good. =)

That's a snap shot of my week! Hope you're all doing awesome! Sure do love you!

~ Sister Tardiff

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A life without....electricity!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Heya Everyone,

It’s me... the used to be homeless, leased out Battalion, trying to learn Spanish missionary that's in San Diego. Remember me? =) Yep! I'm here! And I survived the blackout! Woohoo!! Actually the blackout was the best day of my mission probably. Everyone was home and could anyone be busy? Nope, there was no electricity = no gas pumps working, no TV and no distractions. It was the best thing ever except for the fact that the stop lights were out. That was kind of scary but fortunately we obviously survived so that I can tell the tale. =) That day we were also on semi exchanges. We had another Sister who just joined us for the day. I learned so much from her. She is an extraordinary missionary. I love being with other missionaries because I can learn from each and every one of them. Anyway, the black out was awesome! We got to eat some good cake, talk to EVERYONE and then the moment we drove up to our house, BLING the lights came back on so we could have dinner. =) The Lord takes care of his missionaries.

We had MTE again with President Clayton and it was really good. We talked about obedience and about member work. Working with members is fun. It’s been really good for me to be able to have time to focus on both investigators, potentials AND members because they are all important. I love the quote in Preach My Gospel by Hinckley that says that everyone involved in missionary work knows that there is a better way than tracting - and that way is through members. When members become the source through whom we find the majority of our investigators the work progresses faster. It’s been fun to meet a lot of the members of the ward and challenge them and promise them blessings. I'm excited for what will happen in approximately 90 days. =)

The longer I've been here in Chula Vista the more I've realized just how lucky I am. I've been lucky for my whole life. This ward is an amazing example of how a ward should work, with families that are super functional, happy, and involved in the Gospel and missionary work. It’s just been a huge blessing to see the example of so many people now that I'm looking for it. I imagine the same is true for the missionaries serving in the Weston Ward. There are just so many amazing families and amazing examples. Just by being who you are, mom and dad, you're teaching the missionaries more than you can possibly imagine. I came here to serve other people and more I'm here the more it really seems to be that other people are serving me, temporally or by their example.

Here is something that you will think is funny: Sister Croker thinks I'm organized. Hahahaha. =) I have been improving slowly in that particular area of my life you'll be happy to know, so it’s not entirely that she's confused, ha-ha.

This week was a lot better. The work has progressed rapidly. =) A lot of really awesome things have happened, including getting a less active a friend who's had situations very similar to Sam's. The less active kind of reminds me of you dad, except for obviously the fact that you have always been active.  He has a mustache and he loves the Gospel so much. It’s just that he's gotten out of the habit of going. I have an outpouring of love for him. I pray all the time that he and his family will go back to Church.

We got to go to a Mission President’s fireside. =)

OH and I taught a lesson over candlelight while the power was out! How COOL is that? I felt like I was back in Joseph Smith's time and it was hard to read the scriptures but it was awesome. Seriously, I'll take a black out any time.

That was pretty much my week. We lost our phone unfortunately. We think we left it on a table somewhere. It’s making missionary work a bit slower but we keep moving forward until we get ourselves a new phone or find it. I'd prefer finding it.

I love you all so much! Keep up the good work!!

~Sister Tardiff

PS - We found our phone! Woohoo!!

Considering the circumstances

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


How is everyone doing? I want to hear from you all! =)

So considering the circumstances this week with ANOTHER road trip to San Marcos (this time it wasn't my fault! But now I'm getting to know that drive really well and soon I won't even need directions and the 14 lane highway won't phase me at all =) and some other things that just didn't quite fall in our favor (I'll tell you about one of them later) I've had a lot of time for self reflection. It’s been interesting. I've been in the same area my entire mission and to some it might seem like I haven't had so much success. But I am here to tell you otherwise. I've learned, I've grown, and with me the area has grown and developed. It’s been really good that I've been here for me, and hopefully for others, and I have seen the people that I've seen, taught the people I've taught, and strengthened the ward and people that I've been around, including my companions.

Sister Newman and I were talking a few weeks ago about companionships and Sister Croker and I redid that conversation last night.  As a companion (and this can be friends, missionary companions, spouses, etc.) the Lord has given us stewardship over that other person, and in the end he is going to ask us "how well did you take care of my child? I put them in your path so that you could strengthen them, and lift them and help them, how well did you do that?" and we are going to be accountable for that. Friends are such angels, such blessings from heaven. It’s really an amazing and humbling responsibility that the Lord has given us to look out for them and love them. =)

But, last week was a week of humility I would say (and I'm saying this with a smile by the way because I learned a lot from it, not because I liked it); appointments fell through, nobody was home. It was interesting. As I said, It was a time for self reflection; spiritual boot camp so to speak, ha-ha. We did see the hand of the Lord amidst it all, and this next week I know will be awesome. Yesterday was the start to it. =) We were able to see Martha and her brother Jose and teach them the plan of salvation, and for them the importance and what exactly repentance is- I just love them so much. She still hasn't had her baby but she's in mom mode. She loves her family and she knows what her role is. She told us she'd be baptized if she and her husband could do it together. =)  So no set date yet, but it’s in the works. Happy day. =) It’s funny because we weren't able to see her all of last week, and frankly I was really upset and worried about it. She is my sister and I want her to have the happiness that I have. Finding her home yesterday was a tender mercy, and the lesson was exactly the way it should have gone.

We also got to meet with Michell again, that cute Asian lady. She rocks my socks. She's really an awesome individual; it’s just rather unfortunate that she doesn't have a phone ha-ha. *looks happy* She's got a special place in my heart.

The other good news of the week is the two less actives that we ran into; Josephine and Alyssa. They both invited us in (not quite like Isabelle) but they invited us in and are ready I think for us as missionaries to be in their lives. It’s been good.

Funny story:

The other day we were driving back from the Battalion and we got egged on the road. It’s no joke and we had a member in the car! What??? Who carries EGGS in their car? And she had kids with her! She flipped us off and everything and got another egg out and said to us "I have more!" before turning off the road. It was INSANITY. Also it probably didn't help that we were all laughing out of the sheer weirdness of it all, so that probably made her madder, ha-ha, but it was crazy, and funny. I hope it never happens again. Lots of people were looking at us. The story behind why we got egged was because I guess I accidentally cut her off? I checked the mirror and everything and I thought I was good *shrugs*. I think she just wasn't paying attention to the fact that the light turned red and she was still going 45 mph right before a red stop light but she got mad at us. So we had to get permission from our Mission president’s wife to get the car washed so the egg wouldn't ruin the paint; that poor member in a day in the life of missionary work I guess!

Other funny story:

We ran into Joe from the Galactic Federation by accident. We were trying to check up on a potential and I guess I got the wrong number... because Joe opens the door and was like "Sisters!!!" And I was like.... "uhhh...." hahahaha. He had more information to tell us but we moved on to our next plans ASAP. The members we visited got a kick out of it. =)

Anyway I love you a lot! I can't wait to hear from you and see how you're all doing! =)

Love ya!

~ Sister Tardiff

Well, another week in the life of!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heyo family!

I had a great week. =)

So the big news of the week is that we FINALLY have an apartment that we're living in! Yippee! We're living with the institute couple which is pretty neat because it means that I'm still surrounded and loved by older couples. I think that God, just as he has throughout my life, is giving me just many amazing examples of what it is to live the Gospel all your life and love your spouse and how much the Gospel blesses people. I feel really blessed.

Recently since we were able to move in to our new place I’ve been able to exercise a lot better because we have these rolling dirt hills in our back yard basically and I've been able to run on dirt which is SO much better for my knees and up and down hills which is SO much better for my body. I've been feeling a lot better and healthier. Plus my companion has been reminding me to drink water and that is always good for the body. =)

My companion is amazing. She's not a native Spanish speaker and has only been studying for about 5 months. So learning Spanish for me is kind of... challenging. But it’s going as well as can be expected. I'll at least know how to say some rudimentary words and thoughts before the end of the transfer which is better than I could say before. My companion is awesome. She's really tolerant, positive and laid back about when things go wrong which is a good balance of me being so focused on trying to be a perfect missionary. She really knows how to follow the Spirit and teach. We each have our strengths and it will be amazing to see what we can take from each other at the end of the transfer. I've really been blessed as far as companions go. The Lord certainly knew who I needed to be with in order to learn and grow the most, and to help those around me.

It was really hard that last day to leave the Battalion behind. I felt like I was leaving my family, and with two new sisters coming I don't know if I’ll be back in the near future. But I am loving this experience that I'm having and I'm very grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me in having this gift of time given to me and to Chula Vista.

The amazing thing about this change is we have a LOT more time to work with members, to strengthen them and to help them to understand even better that they have an amazing ability and responsibility to bring others the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We've been working on some member lessons to inspire people and to get them to ACT and it’s been a blessing because I've been in this area for 6 months now, but now, with the increase in time to work with ward members I feel like I'm finally becoming a part of the ward that they love and that they can trust me even more. Members are important. Never forget that - you as members have something that we missionaries don't - you have functional real lives in the real world, and other people recognize it.

We've been working a lot with Martha and Jacob this past week. They are some of my favorite people in the world. I really want to bring them the happiness that the Gospel gives us. We taught them about Temples and the family proclamation to the world which is fitting because they're about to have a new little baby, Tyler. =)

We also have been working with Luis A and his family and Teresa. Life has been pretty solid recently. I'm so grateful to be in Chula Vista. I have faith to see miracles this transfer and I know that they will happen.

I know miracles can happen in your lives too as you have faith and trust in God.

We have also had the chance to work with Michael and he's going to the Mormon Battalion on Friday with us. =) WOOHOO! I am going back to visit my old home land except Chula Vista is my home land now... so back to... uh... one of the best places in the world. =) We are going to watch the new Joseph Smith movie.

Anyway, life is good, life is sweet. I'm so excited to be a servant of the Lord.

I was reading in the Book of Mormon today and I found the scripture Mormon 8:22. It’s a powerhouse scripture. You should all read it. =)

Well I sure love you!

Keep it real, and fun!

*hugs and handshakes*

~ Sister Tardiff

Well this will be an interesting transfer

Tuesday, August 23, 2011
Hello my dearest family,

Are you ready for the shock of your favorite missionary’s missionary life? For at least this transfer I'm not at the Battalion. BAHHHHH. I might have cried a bit. But I know that being not at the Battalion is where the Lord wants me full time. I was right though, I stayed in Chula Vista but I lost my dearest companion Sister Newman and picked up a new one named Sister Croker. She's from Washington State. She and I get along really well. She started her mission March 24th so she's been out for a little while. She's also a Spanish speaking, non Battalion missionary, and the mission president has told me to start studying a little of Spanish which has been REALLY slow progress.  In addition to the shock of being booted out of the Battalion, the office wasn't prepared to have full proselyting sisters in Chula Vista 3rd so we don't have a place to stay... It’s been really funny and very interesting being a "homeless" missionary in San Diego, ha-ha. We've been staying in a 1 bedroom apartment with another companionship in Old Town. So it’s like I'm separated from the Battalion but I'm still around all of my favorite people at the same time. That will change coming this Thursday when I'll move into Chula Vista 3rd and be a full time proselyting missionary for real and it won't feel like a dream.... It’s been a crazy week, let me tell you. It’s a weird sensation, because on my entire mission I've loved proselyting and the Battalion has been harder to love, but now that I'm away from it, I really, really miss it, and appreciate it and the miracles that are seen there every day. But alas, I waved goodbye last Wednesday, hoping and praying that I'll be back some time in the near future.

But that does mean - if you want to go to the Battalion its completely free game. =) I won't be there and you can go to the place that I love so much.

We've had some really awesome experiences with less actives this week. We met some new ones that I haven't had any experience with at all. The best experience for sure was with this woman named Isabelle. We knocked on her door and she opened it a little hesitantly, and then we asked if she was Sister Isabelle. She looked at us, threw open the door, threw open her arms and said "FINALLY!" and invited us in and was overjoyed to see us. It was... incredible to say the least. I've never had any experience like that before. She converted about 10 years ago and can't go to church because she works on Sunday. It was a crazy experience, and I'm so grateful that I had it.

We also had a good lesson with Gordon. He isn't going to Church because he was offended by a bishop. We'll get our bishop by to meet him soon so that he'll come to Church. Michell should be coming to Church next week which is exciting. =)

We weren't able to see Jacob or Martha this last week and it made me heartsick because I know that they are ready and I know that the Gospel can help them and their family but they're buffing us, and I'm not sure why. We still have an invitation to her baby shower but as far as lessons go there are no plans in the near future; *sighs* pray for them. They're some of my favorite people in the world.

We ran into again the sweet “H” family. =) They invited us back for Ochatta(?) and a lesson. He was baptized but none of his children were. They're a Hispanic family. I swear now that Sister Croker became my companion with her Spanish speaking abilities we've run into TONS more Spanish speaking people. It was like the Lord was waiting for the timing to be right for us to meet them. I feel really blessed. I'm slowly learning (and will for the rest of my life I'm sure) why I'm full proselyting and still in Chula Vista and why Sister Croker is here. I know there will be miracles though.

Michael is doing well but is slowly progressing, very, very slowly, but at least the progress is there.

Anyway, that was my week. It was crazy, complicated, overwhelming, but really awesome at the same time. I'll slowly get over the shell shock of it all, and I know that there are blessings that the Lord has in store for these people. It'll be a great transfer. =)

I know this Gospel is true and I know that the Savior and the Lord has my back.

I love you all so much. Keep smiling! Keep having fun! Know that I'm praying for you daily!


Sister Tardiff


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Last week after I e-mailed you I went and played Frisbee for an hour and a half straight - and some of it with my Mission President! I wish I got a picture of that. =) Regardless, after getting exercise I felt MUCH better about life, liberty and the pursuit of Cheetos. =) There's something about running around and pretending to be a puppy that just makes me really happy; that and I am feeling physically better, and lots of prayers being answered. Any way, the moral of the story is that I'm doing well and it’s CRAZINESS that it’s the end of the transfer already. I feel like the transfer just began! We just said goodbye to two really incredible Sisters but I know that they are wonderful and that they will be blessed as they go home, missionary or not.

We also found out yesterday that a Sister is going to be kicked from the Battalion to full proselyting because there are too many Sisters. I’m intrigued. I'll let you know what all goes down in transfer meeting tomorrow but I'm sure it'll be interesting and one sister will be missed. But as for me, I'm about 95% sure that I'm staying in Chula Vista and might possibly be staying there for my entire mission. But that's good. Lots of work to be done and people to find, teach, and baptize. I need to bring the people closer to Christ!

The work is going well, we have a bunch of pretty solid potentials, including a girl named Jackie, Megan's friend, who we're hoping to set up an appointment with, a super friendly guy named Clement, and recently we've added three solid investigators, Martha (who you've heard about) and her husband Jacob (who is AWESOME) and this other lady named Michelle, who is the happiness person I've ever met. We met her because I wanted to pet her dog - which is a fantastic way to talk to people by the way especially because I'm 100% sincere about the fact that I love dogs. She asked us, before we could even get to it, about going to church and getting a ride to church. Woohoo! Also we ran into Ricarda again and she's planning on going to church soon. She was excited about primary. She's the one who's been searching for a church.

We kind of just blew up our area though and changed tactics a bit. For the first time in my mission we have a meal calendar, which is exciting for a couple reasons, 1) Elder Ballard told us to work a lot more with members, 2) we're going to be fed, and 3) we'll be able to inspire members to be even more involved with missionary work and being less scared about inviting friends, etc., over for dinner; so far so good. We also dropped a BUNCH of non progressing investigators to give us more time to find new ones and work with members to get us investigators that already have a built in support system and real intent. Pretty cool.

Another less active family came to church and to the Battalion! WOOHOO!!! I'm really, really excited. We're meeting with them tonight to commit Sage with a firm baptismal date so his dad can work towards being able to baptize him and getting them to the Temple. That would be a dream come true. We are still working with “L” family. Also, we met some pretty cool part member families this week.... exciting? I think yes. They're part member less active so we got to be careful but I'm grateful to have them on our radar and we can let the bishop know what’s going on.

Funny story: Sister Kennington and I were on exchanges and we met this super nice old lady named Betty who said that we could come back. So we came back and she let us in, but we realized as the meeting went on that she had NO idea who we were, didn't remember us and didn't know why we were there. She has dementia. So I was going to just finish up the visit and wish her a good day and Sister Newman sets up a return appointment. Hahahaha. We had a return appointment for a lady with dementia. So we went back when we said we would, knocked on her door, wished her a wonderful day (she had no idea who we were) and went on our merry way. Heh. Too funny.

That's most of my week! Hope you all are doing. Huzzah!

Well, sure do love you all! Keep smiling! Keep sharing your funny stories with me!


Sister Tardiff

Meeting people through dogs

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heya Family,

We found a solid potential yesterday while we were going to visit another potential named Sonya, and this person, Victoria, had the cutest Husky dog ever. It’s only 3 months old. So I went over to pet the puppy and we got into a Gospel conversation (obviously ha-ha) and found out she has a cousin who is Mormon, and that she's willing to read the Book of Mormon. She sounds really busy though so it will be tough to meet with her I think. We also found someone else named Paul through a dog. Also... someone thinks we're stalking her which is BAD. The first time they opened the door and invited us back, the second time they saw us and locked the door, and the third time we weren't even in the area to see her, but she walked out right when we were walking by her door, she turned around when into her house and locked the door. Hopefully she doesn't call the cops on us.

Not much proselyting time this week because of all the meetings we have.

I've only taught one person who's been baptized. That's it. There is lots of work to be done in this ward.

Hmmm... Other than that, our ward still loves us. We haven't been able to stay for all three hours of Church in a long time. More than a month I think because of the Battalion schedule.  But the bishop keeps us updated. He's an awesome bishop. He's given us names of people to contact, help with missionary work, and get back to Church.

I went on exchanges twice; both in my area. It’s cool to see how other Sisters work.

We had a "Sister’s conference" today. It was cool to see all 36 Sister missionaries in the mission. We talked about unity between full proselyting and Battalion Sisters and the benefits of exchanges. They also fed us a delicious dinner. Yum!

Here is a funny story: I was at this lady’s, Ophelia, house and she asked where we were from and I responded "Washington... no wait, I’m not from Washington I'm from Boston. I don't know why I said I was from Boston; I'm from Washington... no I'm from Massachusetts!" Hilarious. I don't know what was going on it my head. But it was funny.

Sister Burden’s dad came to the Battalion yesterday and took my tour without me knowing who he was. I found out after the tour. That was a good thing as it might have made me nervous. He told Sister Burden later that when he saw me he just wanted to give me a huge hug but knew that that wouldn't be missionary appropriate. It was really touching to see Sis Burden and her dad hug though.

One person has been baptized. We have a couple of promising ones, but actively investigating, as in keeping commitments and wanting to know more, probably about 4 or 5. The rest are just in it to learn more about religions in general or just because we show up they let us in. We are trying so hard to find solid investigators who "want" it. That's always the goal. The best way is through members.

I love Spanish. =) I'll be fluent in it someday. That's my goal.. I had another funny story with that actually. We went over to the house of the Marcias family who are recent converts and they always feed us. They made us chicken tacos. Their son, Marco, was like wait, they're eating the chicken taco's... what do I get to eat (in Spanish) and I responded (in English) "he can have some of mine!" and Sister Macias looked at me with this surprised proud look on her face and was like "you can understand us!" It was great.

Well... that’s most of my week.

Say hello to Drumlin for the last time this summer!

Love you all!

~ Sister Tardiff

All is well, all is well

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Alright - updates first! So this past week of full proselyting was amazing!! It was actually less than a full week because of some scheduling mix ups but we'll make up for it somewhere down the line. There were tons and tons of miracles. This is the busiest I've been on my mission, and Sister Newman is amazing. She is the best missionary in the Battalion I'm pretty sure, and it’s been awesome to see her work. =) We were able to see miracles too. Do you remember those people we were painting houses for? We got to add one of them as a solid investigator! His name is Frederico. He's about 42 and he has spent MONTHS painting his moms, Mercedes, house and redoing it for her. His stepfather just died. It’s an awesome thing but when you meet someone and teach them for the first time you can just tell how ready they are and how prepared they are to receive the Gospel, and Frederico is prepared, and willing to follow God and do whatever it is that God asks him to do. Also, yesterday I was thinking back to all the people that we taught and the great majority of them are Hispanic. I love San Diego. =) Frederico taught me how to say some things in Spanish. No hablo espanol pero yo tengo una amiga que habla espanol y yo se Jesuchristo es me salvador. Woot! Look at me go!

We also have this amazing solid investigator named Marta. We met her walking down the street to visit with Ania. It’s funny because usually we try to stay away from people that aren't completely dressed (she just got back from swimming ha-ha) but this time we made an exception. We walked up to her, offered to give her a message on Jesus Christ and she invited us into her home to teach a first lesson. She's been confused about churches for her entire life and is trying to find one that will fit. What?? It was a testimony builder that God has been preparing golden people for us to teach. Happy day! Woohoo! She's 19 years old and about to have a baby so she is VERY pregnant and her husband is in the military and gone for the next two weeks. She's already committed to coming to Church and invited us to her baby shower ha-ha. We'll be there. She wants her husband to learn and she has two other people in her family living with her. Life is good.

Funny story. I bought a Frisbee from Target the other day and brought it with me to exercise with today because one of the other sisters wanted to throw it with me. Which reminded me of the OTHER time I brought the Frisbee and this black woman was sitting at a picnic table, probably not aware that she was talking so loud saying "Frisbee? Who wakes up at 6:30 in the morning and plays Frisbee?? I can understand waking up to play ball... but FRISBEE??" It was so funny. I might or might not have been uncontrollably laughing. =)

Elder Ballard came to our mission! (Yeah that probably should have been at the top of the e-mail ha-ha) He came on Saturday and I got to shake his hand. =) Elder Ballard is so passionate about missionary work and Sister Newman and I are trying to do everything we can to further apply what he said into our area. It’s again with a lot of focus on member work and getting the members involved in finding, teaching, and fellowshipping. Huzzah! Members are the lifeblood of the Church. One thing that he told us and the bishop to do was to just ask members to invite nonmembers over for dinner. So I challenge you all to do that too! We tend to associate with other members of the Church. We are to branch out, make friends, feed people, and watch miracles and friendships happen. =)

An almost missionary came out with us all day yesterday. Her name is Miranda and she is so awesome, and so prepared to go on a mission. She's going to the Colorado Denver Spanish Speaking Mission and she's already read all of Preach My Gospel. She comes out with us all the time and has had a PMG class. She'll be a blessing to anyone by being her companion. =) She was able to paint with us and be with us to see what life as a missionary is like, all the ups and downs ha-ha.

Vernell is doing well =)

Anyway! I just wanted you all to know that I'm doing great =) I love it here and I'm so glad to be a missionary here in San Diego. =)

Love you all! Keep it real, keep it fun, keep it real fun! =D


Sister Tardiff

Friends From Around The World

July 26, 2011

Heyo familia!

How are you all doing? How's summer ending up?

Big news! We are getting two new sisters at the Battalion today which means that this week for the rest of the week Sister Newman and I get to be full proselyting!!!! (I'm not excited at all clearly.... ha-ha) The sisters in charge of the Battalion (basically zone leaders of the Battalion) called us and asked if we would be OK with going full proselyting for a week and I attempted to contain my excitement ha-ha, and be charitable. I seriously am really excited. I love the Battalion. There are miracles that happen in that building, on those tours, and talking to the wonderful people that go through, but I LOVE proselyting. And I am praying for miracles to happen in these next five days that we have to fully proselyte. =)

One really cool thing at the Battalion that's been happening is that at our group meeting  Sister Smith challenged us to leave every single person that comes through the Battalion with a commitment, either member or non member, and its been super cool to see the results from trying to be 100% obedient to that suggestion. In Preach My Gospel it talks about how rarely if ever should you leave a teaching appointment without leaving a commitment, and every tour is a teaching appointment. So I've had to repent and do lots better and there have been awesome things that have happened in the last week. =) I met these two family's, both men had served missions and they were so amused by the fact that I was committing them to things. They said they'd do it too, and report back to the family that lives in San Diego, to report back to their missionaries to report to me. I'm expecting a report ha-ha.

This week has been really awesome. I know I say that every single week.... but its true... I just love being here in San Diego. It's really tough to be in a place with perfect weather, no humidity, and lots of amazing people, but I'm sacrificing and it’s working out =P. We've been working a lot with an investigator named Michael, and he knows the Church is true, and we know he's going to be baptized eventually, but he just won't accept a date because he just "got divorced" from the Catholic religion and is trying to get his life back in order. He was SO excited about living the word of wisdom though and seeing the difference that it made in his life. He told us yesterday that he might never drink coffee again. He's one of my favorite people. He's trying to really follow the example of Jesus Christ - we just are trying to make him understand that 100% following Jesus Christ means getting baptized. We'll keep working on him ha-ha.

I just want you to know how much I truly love you all. Teri, Patrick Mom and Dad - you really are all such good examples to me of being positive, happy and loving. I couldn't ask for a better family. The Lord certainly knew who I needed in my family and he gave me you =) I love you because you put up with me, you're funny, loyal, strong, competitive, sarcastic =) and just my favorite people in the world. Keep being awesome, and know how much I love you.

The bishop also gave us a person named Steven in the mobile home park where we've been painting Blanca’s house - while trying to contact him again we added another investigator. That place is gold mine my friends! And all we do is just talk to people. Also - can I just say, street contacting is AWESOME. I love just going up to people and talking to them about the Book of Mormon and Mormons and the blessings they can receive as they learn more about our church. We're trying to build up our investigator pool. The more the merrier. =) We've had some good experiences with street contacting... and some less productive experiences with street contacting... but regardless, serving the Lord is bueno.

We were able to contact Ricarda again! She's so golden. She's looking for a new church. We gave her the Book of Mormon and committed her to read it, but she wouldn't set a return appointment. She told us she would call us if she had questions. Conveniently we remembered that we forgot to invite her and her son to the Mormon Battalion so we'll go back in a week or so and invite her and see how she's doing. =)

Also Luis's wife doesn't want us to go over anymore which is so sad because Luis is ready to hear the gospel. We gave him a Book of Mormon in Spanish and in English and committed him to read about it. We know he can feel the Spirit while we meet and that he wants to learn more, but he wants to make his wife happy. If he hasn't called us to tell us whether his wife is OK with us coming back one more time in about a week or so we'll just cold knock his door and see how he's doing. He's a really good man.

We went to the temple grounds last week for the last time in a while because the temple is closed now. And Sister Newman is BALLER at getting member referrals. She's the best member worker person I’ve ever seen. I'm excited to see how we can help the members in our area fulfill missionary responsibility and grow closer to Christ. =) Also at the temple I met these two girls from Chula

Today at the laundry mat we were able to get some referrals too for the Old Town area. Two Chinese people and a girl named Melanie who has a lot of Mormon friends but never learned about the Church. It’s really awesome how the Lord works, and how he can bring people together that need to meet and touch each other's lives.

Any who! That's a snap shot of my week. I've met some really amazing people. Seen specific prayers answered (cool story - I'll tell you that one later maybe? Or maybe now, we went to this place where people NEVER answer they're doors and we prayed that if they were home they'd answer... and every single person did. Miracle) God answers prayers. He helps us in our afflictions. (Mosiah 24) He truly knows us and knows how to lighten the burdens that have been placed on our shoulders. I know that he loves you so much. His Gospel is the way that he can touch each of us individually and collectively. Recently I've really been striving to be the type of person that can truly say that I've never asked the Lord for anything he hasn't given me because of faith, and by being really in tune to what the Spirit is telling me I can receive. I don't know if that makes sense but I read a talk about priesthood blessings, and how this woman was really sick, but never asked for a blessing of healing, and the priesthood blessing never mentioned health - but it did mention comfort, peace and rest. I know that he fulfills all his promises, and it’s His will, not ours.

I love you so much!

You are in my prayers!



Sister Tardiff

Good Morning Everyone

July 19, 2011

Good morning everyone!

Hey so... surprise, surprise! I'm still in Chula Vista =) Woohoo! My prayers were answered! But I do have a new companion. Her name is Sister Newman and she is SO awesome. She's really genuine, really sincere, and a lot of fun. She's about my height and size and I'm thinking about cutting my hair so we have the same hair cut and see if people who don't know us very well can tell us apart. We can even share pioneer dresses, ha-ha. One of the other sisters in the Battalion joked about how you have to be about our size to be in the Chula Vista 3rd ward. Unfortunately Sister Burden was the exception though, ha-ha. Good times in Chula Vista that made this week a bit hectic but all is well in the life of me and my companion. =) I know that we will see miracles here in Chula. It'll be rockin'. Obedience and preparation precedes power? Sister Burden got transferred to University City aka La Jolla and actually Tyler and Jenna Hales are moving into their ward! So hopefully Sister Burden will be able to make contact with them. =)

We're trying to help these people we're teaching PROGRESS. That's the big stumbling block right now but we have some good ideas about how to help them. One idea is to teach the plan of salvation through making brownies. Thoughts? Ha-ha.

So on Tuesday I went to the doctor. We were there FOREVER, but I got to see surgery on someone’s stomach, teach the doctor and his family a lesson, and get the blood results back. Everything is mostly normal. I was frustrated that I wasn't doing missionary work but being with Sister Tanner made up for that as the scripture that we shared with the doctor, Alma 37:38 to the end, ended up being used in her lesson the next day! So there is a purpose in all things, and God definitely works in mysterious ways. =)

We got to meet with Vernell this week and have a good solid lesson with her, we combated some anti by testifying, and she showed up at church this Sunday. =) We also taught a good lesson with Michael and for the first time he's actually keeping commitments... hurray for miracles! Michael gave us SO much candy ha-ha. We have a whole stack of candy on our dresser, but mom the raspberry candy is DEF my favorite. It’s almost all gone again. =)

We had another solid lesson with Adel. He's trying so hard to get an answer to whether the Book of Mormon is true and he just hasn't yet. We keep praying for him. He just needs to do the "hard" things like go to church.

We got to paint a house again! Woot! I love painting houses. We got pictures this time. We also gave Blanca, the owner, a Book of Mormon and she said she'd read it. We're going back to help her again on Thursday.

I feel like not that much happened this week, even though a lot did. It’s kind of a funny conundrum.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you to Drumlin Farm for the package. =) Also Mom thank you so much for YOUR package. I love the pictures! And the food! And the letter! The breakfast essentials are SUCH a good idea. I’ve been drinking one every morning. Also I loved your letter. =)

I hope that everyone is doing well! Keep me updated! Love you lots!

~ Sister Tardiff