Friday, January 27, 2012

Merry Post Christmas!

December 27, 2011

Hey Everyone!!

We got completely taken care of on Christmas day. It was a little Christmas miracle! Not only am I completely back to normal but we also got to teach the gospel which was definitely a tender mercy because out of the entire singles ward there were only 4 people other than us and our investigators at sacrament meeting. Everyone deserts us on the holidays! But we were able to find those who were home and share the Spirit of Christ. So wonderful! One of the people we are working with, Marsi, even gave us Christmas presents. It was so nice of her! She got me a water bottle which is going to make Sister Stevens really happy because she's been trying to get me to buy a water bottle for months... I'm constantly in a state of semi dehydration because I just never remember to drink water... whoops... good thing Marsi's got my back. =)  An amazing family named the Hansen's invited us over for Christmas and gave us puppy chow and toffee... soooo yummy. I told them that they had made your Christmas better because if they hadn't offered to feed us we would have been having peanut butter and jelly. =D They are a great family. You'll totally have to meet them some day.

We've been so busy we haven't even had time to carol! Not even on Christmas! We had an amazing lesson with Zeus on Sunday and the Spirit was so strong. We know that he knows that he needs to be baptized but he wants to wait a couple of years. We're doing everything we can so that the Spirit can testify to him that he needs to get baptized sooner, because he won't do it any other way. The Spirit is the teacher, and we're just learning more and more how to invite the Spirit stronger. I love it.

We were able to be on the grounds of the temple at night and that was neat. So many people from all over the world are drawn to the lit up temple grounds and the House of the Lord. One of the people I talked to is now getting taught which is awesome. =)

Sister Tanner is awesome! She is from Canada! I have an international companion! It was sad to say goodbye to Sister Stevens but the moment President told me that Sister Tanner was my new companion I knew that it was right. Miracles will happen together and I can already tell that we are going to learn and grow so much from each other. I'm trying to get into the habit of something Sister Evan's invited me to do which is to make my companions success way more important to me than my successes. It’s continuing to get easier and easier to do that the longer I'm out. It’s really incredible. I feel like I'm a good missionary in the midst of great missionaries and I'm just trying to keep up! Ha-ha, the Lord is whipping me into shape. =)

This past week has been awesome. There was so much Christmas spirit and so many nice people who took care of us. Sister and Elder Evan's, the site directors, are going home Jan 13th and we are getting a new one, but they gave us all a small thing of real gold. That was so nice of them. I took a picture of me in front of all the presents. People are just so nice! I love them!! 

This week will be great! We have a lot of less active members we want to contact and people will be returning! Woooohoooo! Who would have ever thought that I'd be excited for the END of winter break? Yep! That's me! I'm excited for the campus to fill up and our ward members and investigators to return. It'll be awesome. We're losing Courtney Hansen though to BYU I. But she'll be awesome there, even if she turns into a little icicle. Ha-ha.

I know that life is good and I'll continue to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost so I’ll know what to do and where to go. I know my future is bright and I am just focusing on working until the very end on the thing that matters the most - the Gospel. It’s been incredible. I'm enjoying every minute of it. I am glad that life cannot get any better.

But I just love you so much! Have an amazing rest of your holiday season!


Sister Tardiff