Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Have you read the ensign/new era article "Do the Math?" It’s about this rock solid Aaronic priesthood holder who ends up (basically) converting 26 people because he was sick of being the only active Aaronic priesthood holder in his ward. I can't remember if I got that from you Dad, or not, but if you haven't read it, please do. It’s really inspiring. =) Also, I'm really excited for the fast that the ward is doing. That always brings miracles! Didn't they fast before the Perez family and bring in the Marcantano family? That is sweet! I want to suggest that to the ward missionary in my ward. I think that would bring great miracles if it was implemented. =D

How many missionaries are in our ward now, 2, or 2 sharing with Weston 2nd?

I am excited to hear that you'll all be home for Thanksgiving! That will be so fun! Have a fantastic Priscilla Steak and could you possibly send me some!?... I just realized that here in the singles ward most of the singles are going to be home with their families... so we'll just have to find and teach the people who are staying! I'm becoming an investigator/spy here in the La Jolla Singles ward.

So this week was incredible! Well... it might have been a little frustrating at the beginning... but it ended really well! =D We got in contact with Tyler and Jenna (remember those people I met at the funeral with the Elliot’s?) Well I was on exchanges with Sister Burden (We were COMPANIONS AGAIN for the day! Happy day!) and they are in her area so we went and talked to them and they invited us back! It just worked out perfectly! Actually that day was a miracle day because we also contacted a referral, his name is Tin and we invited him to be baptized! Also... we might or might not have gotten into a locked gated community... the things I'm learning on my mission. =) I just know from the bottom of my heart that the Lord’s hand really is in everything. He knew many reasons why I needed to be in San Diego, and I've figured out some of them, but I'm sure some I will never ever know... and that actually just makes it a ton more exciting. =D

So, I'm sure you're all wondering about La Jolla singles though right? Enough about exchanges and the UC 1st!  It has been challenging to figure out how the Singles area works and what strategies do and don’t work. I know the key lies in the members and we've finally figured out at least a little bit to get into their homes and talk to them. Woohoo! It only took 4 weeks, not that bad right? I'm excited to work with them. This ward is really incredible. The number of people at activities is actually rather small though so somehow (probably by working with members) we're going to have to figure out how to buoy up the numbers so that more people stay active.

We are pretty much trying everything that we can think of. We're probably going to set up a booth on Mesa College, and we tried the bus stop contacting thing which is actually how we found Choyi by going to the bus to visit Anna!

How are the missionaries finding people in Weston? Do they have any new ideas that they've tried? I'm always up for trying new things... obviously, ha-ha.

Anna is doing so well! She is so amazing, and teaches me so much. I think I'm going to end up visiting her in China some time after my mission. I hope that's OK with you. She'll be baptized the first week in November I think. =) We added another Chinese investigator as well named Choyi. He is precious. He already considers himself a member of our Church. The language barrier is huge though. I'm learning how to teach really slowly... and very simply...  in order to make sure he understands what he is saying when he says "our Church". The last person of note for this week is named Will. Will reminds me a lot of Eric actually, which means we automatically became friends.  The amazing thing though is that he knows the Church is true, he just has concerns about baptism. I pray and hope for him that he will, because he is ready. So the work is going along nicely here in the La Jolla Singles ward, I don't know if I'll ever want to leave... But I guess that's what it was like in Chula Vista too. We are sent to places because we are meant to be there. I just have so much love for them, and I feel honored to be able to teach people who could, so easily, have been me. It’s a bit of trial and error but I think that was to be expected.

I love you all so much! I feel so blessed to be with you! Thanks for your love and support! You really are amazing examples to me!


Sister Tardiff


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On the road again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So today it’s approximately 10:30 AM and ALREADY we've been on a hike! We got special permission and everything so we woke up at 4:40 in the morning (GAG) but it was totally worth it! We took some really beautiful pictures of the sunrise on top of Mount Cowles. It’s a really short hike, only a mile and a half or so to the top, but it was really awesome. I've been wanting to go on a legit hike for my entire mission and we finally got to do it! Almost all of the Battalion sisters came so we had 20 girls and then the three Assistants to the President on this trail. People probably thought we were a sports team or something ha-ha. My camera was left at home though so I'll have to send you pictures later. It’s really cloudy right now/smoggy? But that made the pictures even cooler because the sun came up and it looked like we were floating on clouds. =) It has been the best start of the day ever and later tonight we might be in a real good place to take a nap. =)

But! That's not the most important thing that happened this past week. The most important thing was definitely teaching Anna. She, seriously, is the most prepared person I've ever met in my entire life. She is a referral from the Mormon Battalion! We taught her the word of wisdom and Anna is from Beijing which has a lot of tea, obviously. She expressed concern about it, but when we explained it, and the blessings that came from it, she told us she got it, and even though culturally she would still be asked to prepare tea she would use self control and not drink any of it. I really felt like I was on a Preach My Gospel video. Every time we teach her I feel rejuvenated and refreshed and just so Spirit driven. I pray to meet more people like her every day.

Also, I went to my first luau ever! (I think) The ward put it on as a ward activity and we had two investigators come and the ward is INCREDIBLE. I think that there were probably 20 non member friends that came to the luau and hopefully will keep coming to activities. It’s like a missionaries dream come true. We were able to get to know a lot of the ward members AND their friends. Woohooo!! I love this ward so much! I love teaching and being with people my own age as well. It has been an amazing experience and I know the Lord has been blessing us so much with the people we are able to teach and with the members we've been able to meet. He is truly rewarding us for our intents and efforts.

We met two really amazing new investigators this week. One’s name is Laura and the other is Liz. They aren't related at all but they are way cool. Laura has a lot of Mormon friends and she is so prepared as well and Liz has had Mormon friends and she's just willing to learn. I love this area so much! I don't think words can adequately describe it. I got a call from Sis Pelfrey yesterday and she gave me updates on Chula Vista and I still have this overwhelming love for Chula Vista and for the members and people that I've met, but my heart, I can safely say, is centered on La Jolla Singles. It was a huge answer to prayers.

We realized that we don't have that many potentials/formers to work with so we also tried this new technique of being creepers that talk to people at bus stops hahahaha. We only tried it yesterday but it was a good trial run, and through practice I think its going to bring miracles. The Lord will set people in our paths that will be prepared and willing to learn, especially with the Temple in the background. I'll keep you updated on that street contacting technique.

Sister Stevens is another answer to prayers. She is awesome!! She's so happy. We make a really good companionship if I do say so myself. =) Already I've learned a lot from her. I've been thinking recently of how many companions I have had, and initially I was looking at it through others eyes, perhaps thinking that I'm hard to get along with etc., but I've realized now, that it’s again Heavenly Father answering my prayers. I've asked him from the very beginning to help me to become the best missionary I can be, and by being with so many different companions and Sisters I'm able to learn and adapt and develop strengths that they have into my own life. Someone at the MTC once told me, that by the end of the mission (if you've done it right) you will be the culmination of all the positive traits that your companions have had. Apparently I've needed a lot more positive traits =P but I'm so, so, so grateful for this opportunity to learn from so many Sisters. It’s a huge blessing.

So we just keep rolling, and having fun, laughing and sharing the Gospel. Life is good! =)

Do you have any funny stories? Do you need any hand written letters from me? Do you have fun plans for Halloween?

I sure love you, each one of you individually. I pray for you often. =)

Love you!!!

~ Sister Tardiff

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

And so it begins... =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello my favorite people in the world! =)

How is your week going? How have fall festivities gone? We made caramel apples last week! They were yummy. =)

This week has been crazy. I'm not even kidding. We have gotten SO lost, so many times. It was funny... but also... not at the same time because we're on the Lord's time and we can't spend that time being lost! It has gotten to the point (because I was the designated driver) that yesterday we actually called President Clayton and asked if we could switch designated drivers because in Sister Steven's words I (Sister Tardiff) "have a better idea of where we are going and you're not even looking at the map!" It was really funny! President Clayton gave us permission so for the first time in a LONG time I'm not driving. It’s Weird. I think I'll enjoy it though and we'll be able to get to the places we need faster and more productively. =) Our area is HUGE. We cover the entire North Stake as part of the La Jolla Singles ward. I'll be able to whip around San Diego like no body's business by the end of my mission. =)

This last week has been a blast of fresh air! It’s been awesome to white wash. Sister Steven's and I came in on equal grounds and we're just trying everything and anything that comes to our mind to help this area progress. The ward is also incredible. It’s made up predominantly of women and a lot of them are return missionaries. =) Our plan is to get in with the members and through them to find and teach those who are prepared and those who have instant friends. I know that there are people here, and peoples friends who are here who are so ready to hear this message. It will be stellar.

Sister Stevens is from Layton, Utah and she is really an incredible, incredible missionary. She was switched from Spanish to English for this transfer and she is the most positive person I've ever met in my entire life. She was a beautician and she just laughs and works and it’s been awesome. I'm going to learn a lot from her. =) On a random side note; for the first time in my entire life, I let someone wax my eyebrows, ha-ha, but just because I love Sister Stevens... and because it was free. =)

What's been something new you've tried this week?

We have some awesome investigators and most of them are Asian. =) So cute! One's name is Anna and she is the MOST prepared person I've ever met in my entire life. She came to church and she said that she'd never had this feeling before, and that she felt good, and loved. She's from Beijing, China. 0_0 I love her to death and the Gospel is helping her so much already. Every time we teach her or get a text from her it just makes my heart happy.

On the Asian note; the Battalion now has the tour in Mandarin... which means that I've taken a tour in Mandarin! Except I'm speaking in English and just hearing other people speak in a crazy language. =)

The Battalion has been so good! I am really, really, really glad that I am back. I’m not sure if you all remember my going on a mission story, but a Sister Evans from the Winter Quarters Historic site looked at me and told me I should pray about going on a mission. When I found out I was going to be going to a historic site myself I wanted so badly to be able to do that same thing for someone else. I think I did. Yesterday I relieved a tour around 3 and as I walked in one of the ladies said that she recognized me from the temple and then again at the Mormon Battalion. The younger girl told me that partially because of meeting me at the Mormon Battalion and this trip that she had decided to go on a mission, and now she is going to serve in Campinas, Brazil, leaving in January and her mom piped in "you were very influential" That was an amazing experience.

So, moral of the story: historic sites are legit.  =)

Funny story; amidst this last week of getting lost we called the zone leaders to get directions to the place where we were having district meeting. We forgot to plan on lunch so we just grabbed the caramel apples we made the night before and jumped into the car. As we were driving to the building the Elders passed us and Sister Stevens and I just saluted them with our apples. Ha-ha. We make a really awesome companionship. I'm stoked for this next transfer. =)

Well that's most of my week. I'm happy as a little clam and so excited to hear from you all!

I love you so much!

Sister Tardiff

Surprise, Surprise!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


This has been an interesting week that's for sure. It's about to get a lot more interesting though. I am back at the Battalion which is exciting! On my first tour in the enlistment room I took the tour with Sister Newman and it was the most peaceful, happy, "this is right" feeling. I was bubbling with happiness. This is where I'm meant to be. The Battalion is my home.

I got to say goodbye to everyone I needed to. Erica Jackson came to church last week! That was AWESOME, and we went and tried the egg experiment on her too and it totally tanked, like hardcore tanked. It was the funniest thing ever. Sister Croker cracked the egg shell too much so she couldn't peel it properly so when the egg got sucked into the bottle the egg exploded EVERYWHERE. The four year olds thought it was the best thing in the world... but that is definitely the egg NOT enduring to the end, ha-ha. Erica and I laughed for 5 minutes straight. She's one of the most special people to me.

My new area is La Jolla (pronounced hoy-a) Singles ward. YEAH, it is Crazy. I'm in a singles ward. The people are from ages 18-30. Whatt?? That's my age! It’s a completely different ball game but from what I could see it’s a really great ward. I get to have a lot of practice with member work.

This means, I’m working with people just like me 8 months ago or me in the future! How cool is that? Do you have any suggestions as to how to preach the Gospel to people like me? Hahahah.

I'm feeling a little bit inadequate because I'm also pretty much whitewashing it (gray washing? ha-ha) without a companion.  My companion, Sister Haggerty who's been in the area 5 months is REALLY sick. So during the times I did have the opportunity to go in the area, I was on exchanges with other sisters. She's going home tomorrow to recuperate and I have no idea what will end up happening with me or the area. The Lord has given me another opportunity to grow, and I know he'll help me. I trust him, but it’s going to be challenging. I'm grateful for the opportunity, but also... stressed.

The area is SUPER pretty. La Jolla is so different from Chula Vista. They're both rich areas, but La Jolla is a city, and everyone has their head phones in, most people don't believe in God and there are very limited Hispanics. I miss them! Ha-ha. But I do get to see the ocean a lot. This makes me truly very happy.

Sister Haggerty is also amazing! She's really bummed about going home, but I know that if it’s the Lord's will she'll come back as soon as she possibly can. Even though we've only been together a week I've learned a lot from her, and we've been able to grow together.

There are two investigators I've met so far. Lacey who doesn't know if God is there, but is willing to figure out what she believes, and Mads, who we got to teach a lesson with beer bottles strewn EVERYWHERE from the night before. That was an interesting lesson, ha-ha. This will be a way different experience, and I'm excited for it. I trust and I walk forward!

That's pretty much my week. A lot of unknown still in the future. So... I guess I'll let you know next week who my companion is and what's going on. =) Such is the life of a missionary heh.

I love you!! And I'm so glad that you are all so amazing!


~ Sister Tardiff