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What in the world.... transfer finito!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


How has your week been? Did anything unexpected happen?

It’s been really nice weather here. Not very raining except for yesterday morning. Sister Pelfrey loved it. She's from Seattle so that's what she'll be going back to. She loves all weather though.. And pretty much all things. She's so easy going.

So this week was a whirlwind of... stuff... for lack of a better word ha-ha. We just had loads to do, we didn't end up weekly planning or packing until the bitter end because we had so much to do. But everything got finished, we packed, the apartment is cleared out (of her stuff for the most part at least in organized piles) and we were able to finish the night with a lesson with an investigator with a member present and it was one of the best lessons of the transfer. It was with Maria. Our 8 o'clock fell through and our 7 o'clock and we wanted to end with a bang so we called up another investigator we hadn't seen in a week or so. She didn't answer so we left a message and she called right back. We were in her apartment an hour and a half later. It was great. The Spirit was strong. We testified of church. She'll be meeting with the missionaries when she goes home from school. So overall this week was a huge success. We are trying as hard as we can to fill up all our time with lessons with members, investigators and less actives so we can really strengthen the ward and so we can help to fulfill Elder Perry's advice/counsel/command to have 20 lessons a week. It was close this week =)  It’s been a really fun week.

We were able to teach a lot of investigators. Sultana, Dilanka and Vince are the ones who are progressing and they are all doing well. They all came to church and so did a new investigator named HP. It’s been a blessing to be able to teach, to invite and to help them to feel the Spirit. The longer I'm on the mission the more I'm learning about the Spirit and its role in conversion - it’s the ONLY way to conversion. Not only with investigators but also with less actives and members. The area is going really well. Some of our investigators are leaving in a week because the semester is over but we've had people fall into our laps that are staying so it will be interesting but I know that the Lord will provide. If I stay in the area... I doubt that the Lord wants to whitewash La Jolla AGAIN but if he does then I guess I'll be somewhere else.

Sister Pelfrey is great. She was SPRINTING to the finish and it was so much fun. I've learn a lot from her example and I am so grateful that we were able to spend this transfer together. She's really helped me a lot and she will be such a blessing when she goes home. This transfer went SO fast. I can't even believe it. I think it was my favorite transfer of my mission. I learned a ton, I'm happy and the people are doing so well.

These are some of the things that I learned from Sister Pelfrey but there are so much more.

- Christ like love and charity, and showing people how much I care
- Diligence
- Forgiveness (both myself and others)
- How to have a rockin' time
- How to schedule appointments like a champ so we're busy =)
- How to state my purpose in a Scottish accent
- How to story tell (I’m still working on that one)
- How to hit the ground running... allllll the time ha-ha.

Last week after we e-mailed we had fifteen minutes and somebody had given her 20 dollars to go get earrings in old town... so we BOOKED it in our pioneer dresses. Like... hardcore. Imagine - two girls in pioneer dresses, holding up their dresses, sprinting down a hill, hair streaming, dropping something, comically stopping to go back and get it and then running again. It was SO funny. We later took pictures to reenact it - same pioneer dresses and all, hehehe, and that's just an example. We were running ALL week long including from our appointment last night to the car. It was the best. I want to run everywhere. We packed like madwomen too. We had like 8 sisters in our little apartment packing Sister Pelfrey until the bitter end at like 10:24pm and then again in the morning. It was craziness.

For departures, I and Sister Smith were together and we met a man from Boston who referred in the zone leader’s area. It was cool, he was really friendly and seemed ready. I love being at the Temple. Miracles always happen. Speaking of miracles... an anti miracle is that we lost the keys to the car so had to leave it up on Mt. Solidad and (miracle) we found them in Sister Smith's bag! Miracle! So we had to go up and get it, and by that time it was time for companion study and it would have taken too long to go back to old town so we got to have companion study up on Mt. Solidad. It was way pretty.

I wanted to paint you a picture of San Diego... I don't think I've done that before.

Imagine: It’s a pretty ritzy place (especially the areas where I serve) lots of palm trees, sculptured green, lots of implanted plants. There are all different kinds of plants - some of which kind of look like they are from Doctor Seuss. With purple leaves and slanted cones. Also there is something called a Naked Coral Tree... isn't that funny. It’s these weird little trees that have nothing on them except little red buds at the end up the branches. But for the most part the places that aren't planted are just desert brush. It’s so pretty. There are tons of people. The highway system is crazy. There are so many overpasses, underpasses and lanes, lots of shopping, lots of sights to see, and every day I get to see the ocean. It’s gorgeous. It’s pretty. It’s my mission.

Anyway. That's my week... transfers tomorrow 0_0.... Every time. It’s just a shock! But anyway! I sure love you! I'll tell you next week what's going down in the life of me.

I love you all so much! Keep up the good fight! And smile!


Sister Tardiff

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