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Hey Everyone

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hey Everyone,

How is it going down in... Utah, and Massachusetts.

The reason for my late e-mail is that Sister Pelfrey and I went to the zoo today! Wahoo!!!! We saw pretty much everything in about 2 1/2 hours. It was definitely a speed tour but we got to see everything cool and most things were moving. I was going to upload pictures but for some reason the camera isn't connecting to the computer. But I saw a giraffe and a zebra, an elephant and some otters, a hippo and a rhino and lions, tigers and bears. Oh My! The sloth bear was my favorite, it was dancing for us- and the arctic wolf, and the polar bear. =) Good times at the zoo! We got to go for free because some members let us in. 

As far as updates for my week go: 

This week we had a lot of fun. We were able to stay really busy and to be able to teach a lot. We didn't quite get the 20 lessons a week but we are trying as hard as we can to have appointments at every available space. We have been able to teach a lot of less active and borderline less actives and help strengthen their testimonies. The apostles have asked us to teach 20 lessons a week, either to investigators, less active members or members just so we can stay teaching and spend our time most efficiently. It’s been great to really work towards that goal. 

Our investigator William is still gone - in Texas right now living with someone he wants to marry. He was taught the law of chastity so we're not quite sure what is going on, but I have faith he will come around. He wants to be baptized so badly, he just wasn't happy here in California. His phone has been shut off. We think he may have run out of money. Poor guy. Sister Pelfrey and I both feel like he's going to come back sometime soon though. 

We have three other investigators who are progressing nicely. One is Dilanka. He wants so desperately to receive answers to his prayers. He sent us a text yesterday that he said he prayed in the shower and in his room, long prayers with lots of questions and he just doesn't feel anything. We're working with him to recognize the Holy Ghost in his life. He's so funny! I love teaching him. He has a pet flying squirrel called a sugar glider. The other two are Sultana who came to church and Maria. They both want to know with real intent as well so its fun to teach both of them. Dilanka and Maria are going to be leaving in the middle of June because University of California San Diego is out but we have some solid potentials and some other investigators that we're working with that have a lot of potential in the Gospel. 

Sister Pelfrey is a gem. She is the example of selfless sacrifice. I'm learning a lot from her. I want to be more like her and follow in her example. She's one of the most Christ like people that I know. She's doing really well as her mission comes to a close. She's focused, positive and on fire. I love her. This is her last week in the mission and then she is getting transferred homeward bound. I'm going to miss her. She is a great missionary, and a great friend. I'm going to try to make this week the best week of her life. =) 

So that's my life right now. Solid. =) The church is true, the book is blue ha-ha. I was thinking the other day as Sister Pelfrey and I were walking towards a member’s home quoting Elder Holland’s testimony of the Book of Mormon about how grateful I am that I am on a mission. Where else would I learn how to quote that from memory? Where else would my testimony have solidified like it has here? It’s been the best year and a half for my life, that's for sure. =) 

I feel so much better than last week as to my feeling of no hope. I talked with Elder Seegmiller about it. He came up to me on Sunday morning and said I was looking a little sad. We talked about perfectionism and success and then he gave me a blessing. I feel so lucky to be part of the Battalion and to have such a good support system all around me. This experience has given me an opportunity to really rely on the power of Christ and his atonement. One thing that really stuck out to me was that God would never keep one of his children from coming into the covenant of baptism just to humble me - or to test my faith. He is trying just as hard to help all of his children come into covenant. I feel like I understand more of what it means to be on the Lords team. He's not trying to punish me or force me to learn, he just has to work with other peoples agency too.

Mother's day was good! We received no gifts at all - I guess that's what happens when you are in a singles ward. It wasn't really recognized at all except by the talk by me and the one by another guy in the ward

I love you all so much! Keep up the good work and the smiling. You all are examples to me! I love you! 


Sister Tardiff

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