Saturday, July 21, 2012

Teri's Birthday

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Hello Everyone,

I wished Teri a happy birthday before anyone even reminded me! Wahoo! Go me!

I'm doing well today. It is not raining here. It’s nice and sunny and warm. We had to take Sister Pelfrey to the eye doctor so that took up a big chunk of the pday but its OK. It’s been nice and chilly and for the first time my whole mission I bought a bottle of grape soda. That is good news. 

William disappeared. It’s really sad. He went off to Arizona and we're not sure why. I started crying. He needs to be baptized. I feel like I try so hard to help these people to progress and I don't see much results. I guess that's kind of how Heavenly Father feels towards us as his children sometimes. But he keeps trying to help his children endure to the end. 

I've been having a hard last few days. I just feel sad. William won't be able to be baptized, Teddy has still disappeared and even though good things are still happening I just feel like the odds are stacked against me. I've spent so long in my two areas and what really have I done? I know some things, but some I don't. I just hope that God knows what he's doing. Of course he does. I just need to gain faith in that. We are meeting with Maria tonight. She's another golden one. But I just have no hope anymore. It’s really sad. I'm working on it. I'll probably talk to Elder Seegmiller about it tomorrow. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Tanner yesterday. That was cool. Obviously we're used to each other and we teach well together. We were also able to paint some lady's house. Both of the investigators that we saw yesterday in the Ghetto (Sister Tanner's area) want to be baptized in the coming weeks. So that was cool. Good things are happening in other parts of the mission. 

But other than that things are going well. I'm going to send pictures to everyone! =)


Sister Tardiff 

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