Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy May 8th

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey Everyone!

Happy May Day! So this week was pretty fun! Sister Pelfrey is a party and a half to
be companions with. We just have too much fun ha-ha. For example we just laugh all day. She can't really direct me too well yet in the area so I pulled out the GPS and she started complaining and laughing and it was hilarious. It will be a lot of "you have to be there" moments I think from this transfer. We ate at Panera yesterday. It was delicious!

We also are able to see miracles together. For example we added James’s friend, Chen, last Saturday and she is golden and so precious. It was actually really funny because we had just taught Dilanka and she was going to meet us at the institute- we had even confirmed with her but she didn't show up. So we decided to eat dinner and right when we were about to leave, about 30 minutes, she walked in and told us she hadn't
been able to find parking. God works in mysterious ways.  She's learned about Jesus Christ but never joined any of the sects but she has God in her heart. She's seen  God's influence in her life and she just wants to change and save the world. I'm not even kidding about that. She wants to double major and then allow people around the world
to receive education. She and Sister Pelfrey are perfect because Sister Pelfrey went to Kenya to help educate kids. It’s been amazing having her in this area at this time.

We also added a guy named William. He's 21 and had a hard life but he knows and accepts Jesus Christ and he wants to be baptized. We just have to REALLY explain authority and the priesthood because he goes to like 4 different churches every week. It’s been way awesome though.

I love the people we are teaching right now. They are great and all of them have so much potential. They are all so different, and they are at different stages of progression but they all want to progress. They all want to know. They are all really important people in my life. It’s kind of cool. I know that this is nothing in comparison to motherhood or what  not but I think I kind of know what parents feel like. I know, I know, that the Gospel is the way that they can truly be happy, and rely on their savior. It’s been a great week.

Recently I've really been seeing how much the Savior and Heavenly Father have blessed me for serving a mission and it just increases my desire to be a servant to other people. I want to help others to see the joy that I have received from actively being part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know I'm making small steps but I want to be an even more effective servant and representative of the Savior.

Sister Pelfrey is a miracle worker and has gotten me a free pass to the zoo. I had pretty much given up. I mean other people had gotten free passes, and then out of nowhere a girl in our ward said “Guess what! We're going to the zoo!!” It’s really funny =) I don't know when we're going but I have a free pass whenever I want it. Sister Pelfrey does miracles other than getting me to the zoo obviously. She's teaching me a lot about myself and I'm learning a lot from her and from her example. We teach really well together.

After last Sunday I think I've taught every class except Gospel doctrine/Temple prep on my mission. We taught Mission prep last week and it was really fun! It kind of motivates me to want to teach at the MTC eventually. But I’ve taught relief society, elders quorum, gospel essentials, talked in sacrament meeting and now mission prep. It’s really fun. =D

Sister Newman said something really profound to me the other day. She told me that on missions we're here to discover our weaknesses, and that we have a lifetime to help overcome them. God doesn't expect us to be perfect after only a year and a half. Then she said she wants to know as many of her weaknesses as she can now, so that she can start
working on them right away. It really struck me. I want to know all of mine too. It’s the only way to overcome them and progress the way the Savior wants us too.

Anyway. I'm happy. I'm excited to talk to you all next week. =D I hope everything is going swimmingly! I love you all so much! I care about you and I pray for


Sister Tardiff

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